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As Fear Of 5th Wave Rises, HaRav Chaim Tells Parents To Vaccinate Children

Israel began vaccinating children aged five and above this week as experts warn that a fifth wave of the coronavirus in Israel has already begun.

“We’re no longer between waves, we’re at the start of a wave,” coronavirus czar Prof. Salman Zarka said on Wednesday evening in an interview with Kan News.

Zarka and senior Health Ministry officials report that there has been a rise in the number of COVID infections in the past week and most of the new cases are children who haven’t been vaccinated. The Health Ministry has warned that it may impose new restrictions on gatherings if the number of daily cases continues to increase.

On that background, senior health officials gathered at the home of HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky on Thursday to discuss the campaign for the vaccination of children. Coronavirus czar Zarka presented the data to HaRav Chaim, summarizing the opinions of senior health officials regarding immunization for children and information on the vaccine’s effectiveness and safety in the pediatric population.

Prof. Ran Balicer, who heads Magen Yisrael, the medical experts’ advisory panel to the Knesset’s coronavirus cabinet, presented the existing data on children vaccinated in the US and research studies carried out in Israel and worldwide on the subject. He concluded by saying that the research shows that the benefits of children being vaccinated far outweigh the risks of the vaccines.

After an extended discussion, HaRav Chaim paskened that parents should vaccinate their children aged five and above and gave the pediatric vaccination program a bracha for success.

Only minutes after HaRav Chaim’s p’sak was published, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who has made vaccination the center of his battle plan against COVID, quickly shared the post on his social media accounts, writing: “An important call from HaRav Chaim Kanievsky – vaccinate the children.”

It’s too bad that Bennett dismisses the many posts and reports issued about HaRav Chaim’s calls against the religous “reforms” being advanced by his government and chooses only to share what fits his agenda.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

36 Responses

  1. Rav Chaim never gave a ruling and this is cheap propaganda. If he gave a ruling we would be able to see it and hear it. All we have is government operatives claiming he agrees with them. That’s not a ruling by any definition of the term.

  2. So Bennett is “machshiv” Rav Chaim when he allegedly supposedly told his grandson “yes” (whatever that means) regarding vaccinations but he’s not machshiv Rav Chaim when he says to support Bnei Torah who are learning and to stop with the forced IDF draft. It’s the same for the Torah haters who comment on this website as well. You can’t pick and choose from what a gadol says or paskins.

  3. I’m confused. Most of the Israeli population are vaccinated and children rarely get sick with covid and even more rarely transmit the virus. Obviously, the clot-shot is not working as Israel and Ireland are the 2 countries with 90% vaccination rate and the virus still raging there! Maybe time for other remedies such as Ivermectin that most congress members here are taking? Maybe eating healthier and getting more sunlight? Maybe Dr Zelenko’s Covid protocol? Maybe stop listening to the media fear blasting?

  4. Do you know any KIDS who died from the FIRST, SECOND, THIRD or FOURTH “WAVE”??????

    This is a bunch of Sheker.

    Rav Chaim would NEVER allow such a thing.

    This is bizayon hatorah and EVIL.

    Hashem should take care of ALL our enemies this Chanukah!

  5. Yiddeshkeit is about the sanctity of life and caring for others. The flippant attitude of I and young and will be OK so I don’t have to be concerned about spreading the virus is the opposite of what the Torah stands for. The Sa’ar Hatorah has spoken. Those who continue to place others in harm due to their false beliefs are acting kineged daas torah.

    Sadly there are too many who have lost sight of the true principles of yiddeshkeit and have traded their Torah true Hashkafah for the value system of Republican populism. The achzorysdik indifference of Ron Desantis and his ilk is incompatible with the rue values of Yiddeshkeit.

  6. In New Zealand people wear masks and keep social distancing when necessary and they have 40 dead to date.

    While the protection of masks to the mask wearer is disputed, the fact that masks prevent the spreading of the disease is undisputed and proven by the numbers.

    Masks and social distancing are the only measures proven to work.

    It is sad and tragic that so many have died bec. of refusal of people to wear masks.

  7. Rebbetzin kolodetzky said it best
    “I say what I’m told ”
    She also admitted in the same conversation that the gadol hador doesn’t always recognize her.

  8. I saw the video re Rav Chaim שליט”א words about vaccinating children. It was 32 seconds long. Would like to see the rest. Without that, this is pathetic. How gullible do they think people are??

  9. We so desperately need Mashiach.

    Obviously, there is not a snowball’s chance in… that Rav Chaim actually said this. They lie to him so much, most notably for the WZO vote. It’s been downhill from there. May Hashem help all His children.

  10. crazykanoi, you only care about your life obviously, you don’t care that young children will now be susceptible to clots, myocarditis, pericarditis, neurological side effects and as of yet it is also not studied and reviewed regarding the effects on fertility. So kids should be at risk for all of the above so that they shouldn’t be an (imaginary) risk to your health. Shame on you.

  11. How low we have fallen!

    Now Rav Chaim Kanievsky needs social media and Naftali Bennett to publicize his psak.

    They can’t be trusted for anything, certainly not for a psak Halacha.

    Shame on the politicians around Rav Chaim who allow this to happen.

  12. 5th wave?! YWN your still buying this nonsense?
    Not a shred of truth to this other than the fact that a few self-important doctors/politicians sat near R Chaim (while he prob learnt) and got him to parrot whatever info they fed him (or more likely Yanky).

  13. Cdc just came out with a study that sugary drinks and lack of sleep puts people at greater risk of covid hospitalizations. If he cares so much about people’s health, and us so well informed, why he never bothers to “pasken” about basic common sence venishmaetem meod lenafshoseichem measures, that are not expiremental, and have no side effects??

  14. Before I go forward and selfishly (apply risk to make some older folks feel better) jab my five year old who already has natural immunity…

    1. is there a recording of this ruling of him?

    2. is there a written Psak with his signature?

    3. has he being in touch with the other batei dinim who recently forbade these shots for that age demographic?

    Otherwise this is nothing more than a photo-stage-ops by some government officials whom I don’t trust.

  15. Unfortunately, due to the ravages of tevah and old age, Rav Chaim is not always lucid, by admission of his own daughter Rebbetzin Kolodetsky. He is being manipulated by the health ministry doctors and his grandson to say “yes”. It’s unfortunate, and a disgrace, that they are using a Gadol Hador as a puppet to push their agenda. Under these circumstances his “psak” has absolutley no credibility. This sentiment has been expressed by several Rabbonim in Eretz Yisroel. If anyone remembers, back in around February 2021, a person had come to Rav Kanievsky showing the FDA report about all the potential dangers of these vaccines and Rav Kanievsky said “no” when he asked if his wife should take it. He had that videoed, and when the handlers of Rav Chaim saw that, they locked him in a room and held him prisoner unless he erased the video from his phone. He subsequently had to call the police to report that he was being held hostage. Several weeks later he was able to retrieve that video through a professional and it is clearly shown on there that Rav Chaim said “no”, not to take the shot. I saved a copy of the link to that video, so anyone wishing to get it, if it’s still up and working, I will be glad to forward it.

  16. If people here are concerned that a statement from a Gadol was forged – this really a big concern. can you imagine then what else can be propagated in his name?! Could someone with the connection, call up the Rav or someone close to him and confirm what exactly was said?

  17. Rav Chaim’s daughter has said publicly that her father is in failing health and many times does not recognize her or others around him. The Sa’ar Hatorah has not spoken. What’s going on here is major distortion of the truth.

  18. crazykanoiy :
    Perhaps you’re not aware of “Chayecha kodmin”?
    It is absurd to suggest that anyone is muchuyav to risk their own health by taking the shots just so they can protect others.

    It is all the more absurd because everyone admits that taking the shot does NOT stop you from spreading the virus.

    Also, Rav Chaim is not the “sa’ar” haTorah but rather the “sar” haTorah.

    And, of course, no, he has not spoken as they claim.

  19. @jpa
    Rav Chaim was treated through Dr. Zelenko with hydroxychloriquine, as personally stated by Dr. Zelenko himself. Because he had the natural virus, he never needed to get the shot.

  20. The majority of posts here should be REQUIRED READING and sent to all Jewish media sites, magazines, and newspapers – but they won’t because the Jewish media is a bought and paid-off mouthpiece for the pharmaceutical industry and government, who themselves are working for a handful of global conglomerates (WHO, World Economic Forum, United Nations).

    Our own Jewish media will never report on the common sense posted here, because they are not paid to do so. Additionally, our community is so foggy-headed and brainwashed by their media and even their own family physicians (who are terrified of losing their jobs and obviously care more about that than they do saving members of their own community; most of our “family physicians” are encouraging even our youngest 5-year-old precious children to be injected with an experimental gene therapy, and none of them know what is in the drug or what the 2,3, or 5-year impacts will be, since it’s 100% experimental, has never been tested in trials that lasted over a few months, and the drug companies have no liability whatsoever).

    The common sense posted above will go unseen and unheard by most.

  21. The eigel of right wing populism has sadly taken a firm hold on so many as evidenced above.

    It starts with being callous and indifferent to others by refusing to mask when necessary and continues with refusal to vaccinate to help protect yourself and your family ultimately it ends up with being mevazeh talmidei chachamim.

    Our community is well aware of the ill effects of liberal ideology but unfortunately it has let right wing populist ideology pollute our hashkafah.

    It’s time to wake up and recognize conspiracy theories for what they are. Boruch Hashem our Gedolim get their information from mumchim in the field and not from whatsapp posts like many of the commentators here.

    We need to once again reclaim the title of being an am navan vchacham and an ohr lamim. We can start doing so by following the directives of our medical professionals and our Gedolei Yisrael and get ourselves and our loved ones vaccinated.

  22. For all those that have already decided to possibly forgo their oilam hazeh due to lack of adherence to proper health protocols, and for those that are willing to sacrifice their children’s health to the moilach of right wing populism, please do not also forgo your oilam habah by being mevazeh Gedolei Yisrael.

  23. Whether or not this is R’ Chaim Shlita’s actual psak, a suggestion for one person, or fake news promulgated by the secular media, I would like to remind everyone of the golden rule: When in doubt, ask your LOCAL Orthodox Rabbi. He knows you, your community, and the COVID situation in your area.
    Please don’t be a chossid shoiteh and not vaccinate just to spite the media, or vaccinate simply because they told you to. Hashem gave us brains to make INFORMED decisions, AND to know when to go ask YOUR rabbi.
    Oh, and of course, definitely consult your doctor as well.
    I would also like to point out that following daas Torah is a mitzvah. Once you ask a shaila, whatever the psak is, if you follow it b’emunah, no harm will come to you. (Shluchei mitzvah einan nezakim)

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