IDF Lt.-Colonel: I Hate all Chareidim – I Wish they Would All Die


idflThe IDF is investigating Lt.-Colonel Nurit Laami, who is recorded saying “I hate all chareidim. I wish they would all die”. According to Channel 10 News correspondent Avishai Ben-Chaim, the recorded conversation took place as the officer was ordering tickets to travel abroad, speaking with a representative of the Sim Zol Company.

A chareidi representative of the company was speaking with the lt.-colonel. The conversation follows:

LT.-COL. Nurit:

Tell me, are you chareidi?


Wait a moment, just a moment.

LT.-COL. Nurit:

I break out from chareidim. Tell me you are chareidi? Thanks


What difference does it make what I am?

LT.-COL. Nurit:

Because I hate chareidim and want them all to die.

Channel 10 reports the IDF Spokesman’s Office reports the officer is abroad on vacation and the matter will be investigation upon her return.

The response added that statements as the one aired are contrary to the spirit of the IDF and the matter will be investigated upon the officers return.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I guarantee you that somewhere up in her lineage (if he she is really Jewish), and probably not more than a generation or two at most, her grandparents were CHAREIDI! So she and her wonderful country wouldn’t be alive today without……the Chareidim.

  2. “Contrary to the spirit of the IDF”??????? Lol!!!! What a joke. Let them just face the facts; they can never handle the chareidim , especially when their intentions are a simply obsession of changing their lifestyle. ” Cus they just hate the chareidim”

  3. What would happen if an American officer expressed similar views towards Black? How about in 1890, or 1930, or today? You can judge the status of hareidim by how this plays out.

  4. This is an unfortunate outcome of the divisive rhetoric going on in the Israely Government/Knesset, fueled by the media, on both sides! What’s going on in Eretz Yisroel is very tragic. How in the world are the Chareidim going to be Mekarev Chilonim in such a poisoned atmosphere? More information is needed in this particular case. I’ll still give her the benefit of the doubt. I can’t imagine she really means what she said.

  5. Why is this newsworthy? It causes a stir inside that is divisive, not unifying. May whomever feels agitated in any way about this realize that we can all open skylights on our egos and pull into time and space Hashem’s attributes of mercy, tolerating insult, overlooking faults, bearing the burden of the confusion of mind resulting from Adom’s sin, forgiving, and casting sins into the sea. And may our doing so stimulate a light of redemption.

  6. and if it would’ve been a frum guy saying that about the freie, they would’ve sent out investigators to their vacation spot abroad, not waiting till their return

  7. That is, if she does return. In Tehillim it says,
    הֲלוֹא מְשַׂנְאֶיךָ ד’ אֶשְׂנָא וּבִתְקוֹמְמֶיךָ אֶתְקוֹטָט

    So if she hates us, HaShem hates her. She might not make it home.

  8. if you never worked in Israel, this may be a shock, but having worked here for many years, it does not shock me. I would be shocked if they prosecuted her for anti-semitism or hate crimes.

    Anti charadi hatred in the work force is alive and well rooted in the secular world’s values. There should be a law against discrimination here but the law makers are too involved in other affairs.

    They lambast the charadim for not working but do you think I want my children to be subjected to such abuse?

    let the seculars die with their hatred of us. In a few more years we will be the majority and we will past laws to screw them royally.

  9. The reason why she has these feelings, is because the existence of chareidim give her a guilty conscience. This is the same feeling that Hitler why YMSH felt .It is because the observant Jews give a conscience to the world and therefore they cannot enjoy themselves fully seeing that there is a deeper meaning to life. This feeling causes such frustration and hatred that it is unimaginable but it is due to a realization that they are so empty and they have nothing to life. It’s like when a person is jealous of somebody who is so much more wealthy than himself and he just wishes they would die because he’s so burning with jealousy.

  10. The whole raison d’etre of zionism was to create an alternative for Jews wishing to live “free” from the yoke of Torah and MItsvos. They tolerated the hareidim on the assumption we would see the light and convert to their non-religion. We didn’t see the light. Now the consequences.

    It could be the Likud (Revisionists/Nationalists) and Bayit Yehudi (Religious Nationalists) will decide they can tolerate a growing hareidi population and stop the plans the emerged from the last election. But if not, it’s clear that the “this country isn’t big enough for the two of us” ideology, led by Yesh Atid, and exemplified by the high ranking army officer in the above article means that there will be a nasy confrontation. If the Hareidim in Eretz Yisrael can’t convince the more nationalist Jews to change the policy, the only alternatives will involve open treason against the zionist state.

  11. lazerc – your comment was acceptable until you got to your last line. You forget that many Baalei Teshuvas come from these people and often are Jews who originally hated frum Jews. Besides, your view contradicts many maamarei Chazal. I suggest you speak with your Rav about your opinion of Chilonim.