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Yamina MK’s Husband: “I Don’t Know If I Would Have Voted For Bennett”

Following the report that Shmulik Silman, the husband of Yamina MK Idit Silman, donated money to the crowdfunding campaign for opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu’s legal expenses, Army Radio host Sharon Gal made a surprise live phone call to him on Wednesday morning.

Gal asked him: “You’re at the voting booth now and there are two options – Bibi and Yamina. Whom do you vote for – Bibi or Yamina?”

Silman: “Whoever forms the largest bloc. That’s where we erred.”

Gal persisted: “Two options, Bibi or Bennett. Whom do you choose?

Silman: “I don’t know.”

Silman explained why he donated NIS 180 to Netanyahu. “I got up in the morning and came across a video of members of the Netanyahu family with his lawyers. I saw someone there with a megaphone yelling ‘Corrupt, corrupt’ and I realized that we’ve lost it. This man gave his life to the State.”

“I donated not because he needs the money but as a sign of solidarity. I donated because I love them – the Netanyahu family.”

“They are good things about the current government and there are things that cause me pain. Obviously, I would have preferred a right-wing government but there was no choice.”

Yamina MK Idit Silman with her husband Shmulik.

Gal asked him if he thinks Netanyahu has been wronged and he responded: “I don’t think so, I’m sure of it. He’s an excellent leader. If you ask me, we need a change in direction.”

Gal: “How so? Dissolve the government?”

Silman: “First of all, I want us to be menschen (bnei adam). I see Eretz Nehederet (a satirical TV show similar to Saturday Night Live). I see how they laugh at Netanyahu’s wife…This is the most important point. Forget politics, be menschen.”

Gal: “You’re not a politician and I respect the fact that you’re answering my questions despite the fact that we surprised you. But ultimately you can’t deny it [the criticism of Yamina]. They trampled on everything they promised. You see the rage of the right-wing on the street [a reference to a mass right-wing protest, the second of its kind, against the government on Tuesday night].”

Silman: “First of all, the anger is legitimate…I’ll tell you my opinion. A lot of people need to apologize.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Eretz Nehederet appeals to the lowest common denominator and is the opposite of mentchlichkeit. That much is well known,
    We must take into account that this guy knows, hears and is exposed to far more than the average Joe.

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