Dati Leumi Roshei Yeshivos Support MDA Boycott: “A Battle For The Jewish State’s Character”

Illustrative. An Israeli man donates blood. (Photo: MDA Twitter)

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A letter signed by Dati Leumi Rosh Yeshivos on Friday expressed support for bnei yeshivos who refuse to donate blood via Magen David Adom due to the omission of “mother” and “father” from the MDA donation forms, and encouraged them to continue the battle against the incursion of liberal values in the Jewish state.

“We support the talmidei hayeshivos hakedoshos who volunteer to donate blood at every opportunity,” the letter stated. “However, currently we’re amid a battle regarding the character of the Jewish home. This is an all-encompassing war, not only against MDA regarding blood donations but over many issues along ‘the entire length of the front line.'”

“Wealthy organizations are attempting to alter the character of the State of Israel, to harm the human nature of ‘mother and father’ as a normative family and wave the flag of the destruction of family values in Israel as a sign of progress.”

“Therefore it’s our obligation to continue the process we began, to proudly raise our flag, the flag of Torah and the flag of Derech Eretz, which is connected to the Torah, to stand up for what’s ours, and to demand that blood donation forms be changed back to their previous format, with “mother” and “father” – and we will then happily return to donating our blood for the ill people of our nation.”

Dozens of Dati Leumi yeshivos and mosdos with thousands of talmidim, who normally make up the largest percentage of those who donate blood in Israel, have refrained from donating blood in recent months after Magen David Adom replaced the words “father” and “mother” with “parent 1″ and “parent 1” in a nod to the LGBTQ community.

Many Chareidim who used to donate blood on a regular basis have also stopped in light of the altered blood donation forms. “I’ve been donating blood on a regular basis for years,” Yitzchak told Chareidim10. “There’s no way that I’m donating now and I told them this.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This really should give alternative ways of donating blood for those who wish to do so. MDA with all its many problems has saved many many lives so we can’t entirely ignore them and the good things they’ve done, but still try to fix the problems as much as we can.

  2. In total agreement. We are a Jewish state not a Christian flop house. We live by Torah. No gays allowed their blood 🩸 tainted with evil

  3. To the first 2 comments

    Inthink you fail to comprehend the core of the issue. They are trying to kill the Neshoma of the yidden….

    Would you say Hitler saved so many lives by feeding them everyday a potato?

    No because he was in the process of killing them, same here, MDA is trying to kill Yidden, even worse they hide behind the notion that we are SAVING lives… No they are not!