As YWN reported, Israeli weather forecasters have predicted snowfall in Jerusalem as part of the “Elpis” storm, beginning on Wednesday afternoon, and anticipation is mounting as forecasts become more detailed.

On Wednesday morning, snow is expected to fall on the high peaks of the Galil mountains and from the afternoon, snow is expected in the northern and central mountains, including in Jerusalem. There will be a significant drop in temperatures to lower than seasonal averages. Rain will fall in other areas of the county accompanied by powerful winds, with chances of flooding in coastal cities and in the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea.

One weather forecaster (החזאי ג׳וק) predicted: “After an update of all models, I’m ready to gamble on the result. Yerushalmim can await a respectable white snow holiday on Thursday. There will be enough snow to celebrate it properly with wonderful snowmen. Of course, there will be no school, and access to Jerusalem will be blocked. How much snow awaits us? Somewhere between 10 to 25 centimeters (3.94 to 9.84 inches).”

“I’ll just add that the above data applies to the entire Jerusalem and Gush Etzion areas above 700 meters. That includes Beitar Illit, Mevaseret Tzion, and possibly also Telzstone.”

The popular “Yerushamayim” website, which predicted the heavy snowfall in 2013, is also predicting a “snow day” on Thursday with enough snow for building snowmen – 5-12 centimeters (1.97-4.72 inches).

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. If snow is really that exciting, we can do a monthly shipment of snow from New York, sent in large freezers for travel to Yerushlayim every winter.

  2. Apikorsus! Is it ganz assur to make a “snowman”…לֹא-תַעֲשֶׂה לְךָ פֶסֶל, וְכָל-תְּמוּנָה

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