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Ukraine Evacuates Uman After 4 Locals Killed In Explosions [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]

The city of Uman has been targeted in Russian bombings due to its proximity to many weapons depots and according to municipal authorities, four locals were killed in the explosions in the area. Ukraine authorities subsequently ordered the evacuation of all residents of the city.

Shlomi Elisha, the deputy director of Ukraine Hatzalah, told Yisrael Hayom on Thursday evening that 70% of the Israeli families in the city have succeeded in crossing the Ukrainian border into Moldova. The remainder will be leaving in the coming hours, and he estimates that by Shabbos, most of the Jewish residents of Uman will be in Moldova.

Earlier on Thursday, Elisha told Israel’s Army Radio about the danger the Jews were facing in Uman.

“The Uman municipality has started to evacuate hundreds of families from Uman. It’s very dangerous here now – there are many weapons depots in the area and there are intense explosions.”

Hatzalah Ukraine had prepared an evacuation plan in the case of a Russian invasion, hiring buses and drivers, but those plans went awry when all the drivers disappeared as soon as the bombing began.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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