Suspect Arrested After Forcibly Touching Jewish Woman in Boro Park


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Thanks to the fast response by Boro Park Shomrim, a man who inappropriately touched a women in Boro park was arrested.

Boro Park Shomrim tells YWN that awoman walking near Utrecht Avenue and 46th Street in Boro Park was forcibly touched by a suspect who then fled on foot.

Boro Park Shomrim were at the scene less than a minute after receiving the call, tracking down the suspect just a block away and activating the NYPD, who arrested the offending male.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


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    Unfortunately DemonRat run cities do not have law and order anymore, every city under their control has turned into an actuall SODOM and GEMORAH and a living hell for its law abiding citizens.
    Do you know ,that in Manhattan according to that criminally insane District Attorney ,armed robbery is not a felony anymore.
    And in that filthy insane asylum called San Francisco, shoplifting if it’s less than $800 is not considered a crime,and all you get is a ticket ,like passing a red light.

    What needs to be done ,is what was done in Williamsburg back in the 70s, when crime got out of hand, They organized vigilante groups in every block. whenever they caught one of these rats committing a crime ,they screamed the code word CHAPTZEM ,and out rushed at least a dozen volunteers,and proceeded to give that sewer rat a beating that made sure he had multiple bones broken, and only then did they call the cops, or sometimes the sanitation dept. to haul away the garbage.

  2. In the subsequent 10- 15 years Williamsburg was considered one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC.
    This is the only way this city will be taken from the criminals