“Rabbanim Warned To Flee Due To Anti-Semitic Chechen Soldiers”

Chechen general Magomed Tushaev (L.) and a large force of Chechen soldiers, known for their brutality, were sent by Russia into Ukraine. One large force was reportedly eliminated by Ukrainian forces. (Twitter)

Rebbetzin Inna Markovitz, the wife of HaRav Yonasan Markovitch, the Rav of Kyiv, fled the city with her family and other Jews overnight Monday

Speaking to Kol Chai on Wednesday, she said: “We had a thriving community for 21 years but suddenly in one week everything fell apart. We felt a great commitment to the community and despite the warnings we decide we would remain until the victory, b’ezras Hashem. Meanwhile, we made sure everyone had food and places to sleep.”

“But then the head of the local security services told my husband: ‘Kvod HaRav, your presence reassures the residents but since Russia is failing to achieve its goals, they’re bringing in other forces – extremist Chechens and Muslims – cruel and anti-Semitic. Your presence will endanger the community by marking it as a target instead of helping it. You should leave for everyone’s benefit so you don’t endanger the people of the community.'”

“We understood that for their benefit, it’s best that we leave.”

The Rebbetzin added: “Not everyone could leave, mothers couldn’t abandon their children. There are heartbreaking situations..we promised to take care of them. We left with a convoy of four vehicles.”

“We’re tired but we’re not coming to Israel yet. We’re crossing into Romania and tomorrow my husband is already meeting with senior Romanian officials in order to organize humanitarian assistance, mainly food and medications for the Jews of Ukraine.”

“We’re dealing with two projects at the same time – one is to bring in supplies and the other is to rescue Jews from besieged areas. Baruch Hashem, we brought out two buses yesterday – another 100 Jews survived.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Rachmana litzlan. Jews are in a terrible situation there. The least we can do is minimize our enjoyment. That includes canceling Pesach in Orlando, not so much indulgence with food , but American Jews unfortunately won’t give up their luxuries so easily.