SICKENING: Paterson Names Portion of Road “Palestine Way” Hours After Terror Attacks


Just hours after an Arab terrorist carried out the third terror attack in Israel in barely a week, the municipal council of Paterson, NJ, voted to rename a portion of Main Street in Paterson to Palestine Way.

At the meeting, all of the councilmembers donned kefiyyas and proudly displayed the Palestinian flag as they threw their full-throated support to Palestinians in Israel – four of whom just killed 11 innocent people.

Paterson is sometimes referred to as “Little Palestine,” as it has the largest community of Palestinians in the U.S. and the largest proportion of Muslim residents in the country.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)




  1. Boycott the city in any way we can — secular Jews, observant Jews, and non-Jews committed to true peace and security in the entire Land of Israel, including Judea and Samaria!

  2. Why tag the article “Sickening”?
    Where are all the INTERFAITH rabbis who are deafening quiet when it comes to death of cold blooded murderers?
    This is the result of cohabitation of frum or otherwise self promoted rabbis.

  3. Another gift from your Democrapic party. probably the same area where there was all the laughing & big smiles on 9/11. Maybe Omar’s or Tlaib’s cousins work there.

  4. And while all this happens the senators who always always always claim to love the Jews, yes right you believe it, Menendez and Cory Spartacus Booker yemach sh’mom are nowhere to be seen.

    What else is happening? In Passaic there was a street corner that was supposed to be named Zion Square, a waste of time and energy, probably having to do with pandering to the locals, was pushed off indefinitely. Maybe they’ll just call it Eretz Yisroel Square?

  5. What about a major city in the unites states called St. Paul Minnesota? Paul is THE SOURCE of all anti-Semitism in the last 2000 years!
    What about St. Louis, my ancestor, who was horrible and bigoted?