Admorim Expected to Fly to NYC on One Flight


belzThe admorim shlita of the Moetzas Gedolei Yisrael will be flying to New York City on one flight leading on Sunday, 4 Shevat 5774. There will be a צאתכם לשלום event at Ben-Gurion International Airport prior to boarding the flight including tefilos.

Speaking with Hamodia, Moetzas secretary R’ Mordechai Stern explains the admorim will be traveling to enlist support against the government’s plan to draft bnei yeshivos. He told Hamodia that for the first time in 60 years since the creation of the state there is a real threat to the chareidi way of life in Israel.

“The war is underway here at home, an ambitious calculated and brutal program and its entire purpose is to undermine and destroy the foundation of the existence of the Yiras Hashem tzibur.”

R’ Stern adds that even before the last Knesset election the admorim did everything possible to prevent the draft of bnei yeshivos, leaving no stone unturned.

Stern explains the decision to protest in the Diaspora and davka not in Israel was because such a protest held in Israel will not achieve its goal. The admorim feel that in the United States there is hope for the State of Israel is most concerned with its image in the international community, especially in the USA. Standing accused of gross violations of human rights will not sit well with Israeli leaders. “A liberal democratic country is expected to respect the position of all its citizens yet we are being hounded. Perhaps Prime Minister Netanyahu will understand this language” concludes Stern.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. This is all half-baked. First of all, there have been no mass demonstrations in EY like there were when giyus banks was being contemplated. Second, having a small gathering in the US won’t accomplish a tenth of what a media-attracting Citifield gathering would do.

  2. “chareidi way of life in Israel”?…mmm…….and what was the chareidi way of life in russia,poland,hungary,galicia, etc for hundreds of years? what guarantees that this new way of life should continue?

  3. Let me understand. It is OK for those of us, our fathers and our children, who are frum to serve in the IDF. It is also OK for us to get wounded, and lose three to five years of our lives.

    But, it is just too, too much for your vayeche yingales to serve their country, even in a non-combat position! Why should my parents have to bury their son, and the ADMORIM’s talmidim to just learn, and not get their hands dirty. I wanted to learn, but I went to Hesder. Not bad.

    These men do not live in this world. They cannot be men of tzedek, if they put other Yiddin’s children in harm’s way to protect them, but are not willing to share in the burden. It is surprising that these men hold themselves out to be anshei Torah. Remember “bli Torah ayn kemach v’bli kemach ayn Torah. Torah requires a human being to earn his food, just like is done in the U.S. and Europe.

  4. I hope that the admorim are not coming because of the reasons stated by Rabbi Stern. It is not a human rights violation to expect all citizens to serve in the Army. Unfortunatley people like Rabbi Stern and MK Eichler sound delusional and out of touch with reality. America will not pressure Israel on an internal issue. Quite to the contrary unless you are Chareidi you probably side with the position of the Israeli government on this issue. I hope that there is some other purpose in this trip.

  5. #16 Itchak:

    1) We didn’t ask you to create your Zionist State that requires an Army to defend from constant warfare. We opposed your State’s creation from inception.

    2) We lived in Eretz Yisroel before you, having come already in the 19th Century.

    3) Torah is a bigger defense for Klal Yisroel than Army service.

    4) We need more people in Yeshivas learning Torah defending Jews.

    5) The Israeli Army is NOT short-staffed and undermanned and performing poorly due to a lack of manpower as a result of the Bnei Yeshiva that they need to drag them away from Limud Torah and draft them.

  6. I am flattered to be addressed by crazy… the leader of the sane group. I sure don t look for that kovod. As far as ben torah,s comment.,it sure helped us a lot in the holocaust, didn t it? And last time I looked the only time we threw off the yoke of oppressors was by the hasmoneans. Seems that they felt that an army is useful

  7. Dear So-called Ben Torah (#20):

    I’m not sure who the WE in the “We didn’t ask you to create your Zionist State” refers to.

    But, my mishpucha has been in Eretz Israel since 1635, on my mama’s side and since 1883 on my tata’s. I didn’t know that WE needed to ask your permission to take back our land from the Goyim.

    With regards to your point 3). I’d like to see how YOUR Torah will defend you against a machine gun or bomb, whether it is in Boro Park, Williamsburgh, Monroe or Israel.

    With regards to your point 5), you again show that your are not a follower of your Ben Torah name, because you once more show your complete and utter ignorance. National Service, to which I referred to in my comment, and which you either ignored or read through does not mean only military service. It means helping the poor, the elderly and the sick.

    I will end with the following. In Pirkei Avot, R. Shimon Ha’tzadik tought, The world stand on three things: On Torah, on Avodah, i.e, carrying out the Mitzvot in the Torah – not just sitting there and learning them – and on G’imlat Chasadim.” Doing mitzvot and undertaking g’milat chesed, even in MY Zionist State is helping and defending klal Israel. Similarly, R. Shamai teaches Say little and do a great deal.

    You really ought to heed these teachings, Reb Yid.

    Shavu’a tov.

  8. There was once a yid came to Rabbi Weissmandel in Mt. Kisco crying that his son wants to get married to a goyta r”l, so Rabbi weissmandel asked him which yeshiva did he go? He answerd him he didnt go to yeshiva he went to college. So Rabbbi Weissmandel told that, after world war1 there was a little town in Slovakia that the Jewish cemetery was at the Russian border, and every time there was a levaya L”A thay had to take special permissoin to go thru the border, so the asked the governmaent that whenever there is a funeral the should be able to go thru without special permission.

    Once the border guards looked at a funeral process coming and one says to the other, something is fishey here, nobody is crying, when they came to the border one of the guards said “OPEN THE CASKET! the were shocked, but the had no choice, when they opened the casket, if was full of smuggled Schoire, they started crying and asked to please let them go, so one of the guards said “IF YOU WOULD HAVE CREID A LITTLE EARLIER YOU WOULDNT HAVE TO CRY NOW! thats what Rabbi Weissmandel told this person, if you would have cry earlier to give him a good chinuch you wouldnt cry now.

    Bottom line, now they are crying, why didnt they cry years ago? why all of sudden we hear that this Memsholo is a Memsheles zoden? why when satmerer rebbe zatz”l was cryning they thouht he is a SOINE TZION? its a little to late!!!

  9. #20

    We know you ask for the creation of the Medinah. But it was created (and continues to survive) b’yad Elokim. That yad is Tzahal. G

    Get over it they are allowing you to survive.

    Do you think there would be Yeshivot and other Mosdot without the Medinah? Do you think children B”H would be around?

    And what about all of the Jews who fled other countries to live in Israel to be Jews. Do you think they would not have been lost for eternity?

    Don’t hide behind limmud Torah to get out of carrying your weight. Thousand of young men learn Torah, wear a uniform and carry a weapon.

  10. Support is what they are seeking-translate that into cash. This a huge fundraising trip to try to get Money to talk and therefore repeal this law. Get ready to open your wallets, after hearing a concrete, well thought out, fail proof plan which will put hard earned maaser money towards this goal. Oh, no plan? Just open the checkbooks, credit cards will also work, and can be broken up into a payment plan of 12 monthly installments…..I am really feeling that this is an Israeli issue, not an American issue. YWN posters in the USA-are YOU planning to contribute?

  11. To Ben torah: There has been widespread corruption in many kollelim. Here is one of tons of examples: My son’s rebbe learns half day and teaches half day. For his learning he gets a kollel stipend from the israeli government. His telush showed that he is learning full time and not also getting a salary. He reported to the Rosh Kollel who encouraged him not to report it and continue with the fraud AND give him the money that is for the hours he is not there. His response? He changed kollels! Another example: How about the kollelim that had names of avreichim on it who had left the kollel years ago, but the Kollel needed more money so fraudulently these names were continued…Gov. inspectors paying surprise visits to these places found this out and it was highly publicized. Had there been no fraud, none of this would be happening now.
    Since the kollel system came into place in Israel it was run honestly for years and therefore it was not touched. When the corruption got out of hand Bshem Torah, how can Shomayim stay quiet and allow it?? If it was possible to make this system yashar again as it once was, this entire gezeirah would be gone in a minute!
    Look, i am a nothing, and no one needs to take me seriously, but it just seems so clear to me that the connection between the kollel frauds of the past few years are what caused this to happen. Stay home, clean up the painful mess, and see if Shomayim appreciates this true accounting and Kiddush Hashem. Because one thing we all agree on-the sincere talmedi chachamim who are yashar in their learning should not have to leave learning ever.

  12. Wow, I’m impressed with Akuperma. He even has the Admorim believing the nonsense about human rights violations.

    #20- Who defends Jews bayn hazmanim?

  13. Mr. Ehud Hatzioyni #22:

    We being my mishpacha. Many of thhe Gedolei Ysiroel and Hamon Am who have been living in Eretz Yisroel for many centuries, some from the Talmideo HaBesht/Talmidei HaGra and many from before that time, have opposed Zionism and the creation of the medina from before its inception.

    Yes, halacha does say we cannot create a State prior to Moshiach’s arrival.

    “I’d like to see how YOUR Torah will defend you against a machine gun or bomb, whether it is in Boro Park, Williamsburgh, Monroe or Israel.”

    OUR Torah ALREADY HAS prevented many bombs and killings that would have otherwise happened from ever happening.

    “National Service, to which I referred to in my comment, and which you either ignored or read through does not mean only military service. It means helping the poor, the elderly and the sick.”

    We Chareidim ALREADY DO “national service” of “helping the poor, the elderly and the sick” MUCH MUCH MORE than you tziyonim and chilonim ever did or will do. And we have been doing so for centuries before your medina and ever since it.

  14. “Medinah. But it was created b’yad Elokim. That yad is Tzahal.”

    The holocaust also was b’yad Elokim. That yas was the Germans.

    “Do you think there would be Yeshivot and other Mosdot without the Medinah? Do you think children B”H would be around?”

    All that (Yeshivos, mosdos, children) were around long before your medina. And they’ll all still be around after your medina is long gone but a footnote in history.

    “Who defends Jews bayn hazmanim?”

    The Bnei Torah, of course. You thought the Bnei Torah don’t learn Torah bein hazmonim? News Flash: They very much do.