TERROR WAVE CONTINUES: Jewish Security Guard Murdered, Terrorists Captured

Vyacheslav (Vladi) Golev, h’yd, was killed in the Ariel terror attack on April 29, 2022.

A 23-year-old Jewish security guard was shot to death on Friday night at the entrance to the city of Ariel in the Shomron by two Palestinian terrorists.

The incident was captured by the security cameras at the entrance to Ariel, with footage showing a car approaching the guard post and the Arab in the passenger fire opening fire. Both Arabs then got out of the car and fired into the guard post at point-blank range with improvised Carlo submachine guns. They then returned to the car but then got out again and stabbed the guard before fleeing the scene.

The guard’s last act before he was murdered was saving the life of his fiancée, also a security guard on duty at the same post, by blocking her from the terrorists’ fire with his body. She was physically unharmed in the attack.

MDA paramedics who arrived at the scene declared the security guard’s death and evacuated the female security guard, who was suffering from shock, to Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon.

The victim was later identified as Vyacheslav (Vladi) Golev, h’yd, of Beit Shemesh, a former student at Ariel University. He is survived by his parents, seven siblings, and fiancée, Victoria Fligelman of Ashkelon.

Border Police and the IDF, including special forces, launched a massive manhunt. They captured the terrorists about 20 hours later, shortly before the end of Shabbos, in the Palestinian town of Salfit, near Ariel, and seized their weapons.

Israel Police

The terrorists, who did not resist the police, were arrested in their homes along with several relatives suspected of aiding them. One of the terrorists had previously served a short prison sentence in Israel.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. What does the halocho say about Israel killing terrorists abroad ?

    For instance when they went after the terrorist who killed the Olympic team

    What does the halocho say about bringing back the death penalty for the terrorists in this article?

  2. Now Israeli government will give
    Free Secular Education
    Free Extream Islamic Shaira Education
    Free Inside the jail Terrorist Networking sessions one on one on how to kil Jews
    Free Room and board
    Free cable and phone service
    Palestinian Authorities Hero status
    Jail house Congeal visits.
    Palistinan Authorities Tax Free stipen to members of house hold.
    UN humanaterian visits and free lawyers on call.

    Who can resist such a beautiful deal not to murder.