BDE: 3 Fathers Murdered, 16 Orphans, 2 Victims Fighting For Their Lives


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The three victims of the murderous terror attack in Elad on Thursday night left three young fathers dead.

Hakadosh Boaz Gal, hy’d, a father of five in his forties was an Elad resident. He was returning home from a shiur Torah in a shul when he was brutally murdered by the bloodthirsty terrorists.

Boaz Gal, hy’d

He was known as someone who was always kovei ittim l’Torah, while working for his living as a mechanic. He also was known as someone who invested much of his time and resources for the chinuch of his children.

Hakadosh Oren Ben-Yiftach, h’yd, 34, was a father of six and a resident of Lod.

Oren Ben-Yiftach, h’yd

He was known in Lod as someone with a heart of gold. He davened at Beit Aryeh, the main shul in his neighborhood.

Prior to the cruel attack, the niftar had driven the Rav of the Chareidi kehilla of the Ganei Ayalon neighborhood in Lod, HaRav Yaakov Landau, to deliver a shiur in Beit Shemesh. During the trip, he spoke to Rav Landau about divrei emunah and various ruchniyus issues he was being mechazeik in. After the trip, he continued to Elad, where he was cruelly murdered by the bnei avla.

Hakadosh Yonatan Chabakuk, h’yd, was a much beloved resident of Elad who left behind five children. He was murdered after he left his home to look for his son in the park.

Yonatan Chabakuk, h’yd.

Meanwhile, two of the severely injured victims of the attack are fighting for their lives.

A third victim is in critical but stable condition after undergoing emergency neurosurgery for severe ax wounds to his head. Other victims are in moderate to light condition.


The public is asked to daven for the refuah shleleimah of Shai ben Ilana and Chaim ben Sora b’toch shaar cholei Yisrael, two victims in critical condition.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Going to Har habies is very important, which is aser al pi torah

    Nobody stops this, so Rebbe says bring Guns to Shuual
    where is the sechel

    16 orphans OH OH

  2. Those Arabs are not terrorists. They are lower than the filthiest sub human. Let’s not demean animals by calling them animals

    However the murderers are the Israeli lefty liberals They are the ones allowing this to happen. We need moshiach to bring real peace

  3. SteinJ: Whats your point? Are you saying it is important for yidden to carry weapons (in accordance with some Rebbe’s directive) and shoot any other yid attempting to go up to har habayis since it is “assur al pi torah”? Not clear why this is a good idea.

  4. Gadolhadorah: SteinJ is saying that the onces to blame are those individuals making trouble by going onto har habayis. They are clearly rodfim. They are inciting all this to happen. Guns will not help the situation. They should stop going to Har Habayis.