SKY HIGH HATE: German Airline Lufthansa Bans ALL Jews After Some Break Rules [SHOCKING VIDEO]


German airline Lufthansa is coming under withering criticism after airline staff barred all Jews from a connecting flight, with armed officers called in to prevent any Jews from boarding the flight.

As YWN previously reported, the incident took place as a large group of chasidim were attempting to fly from Germany to Hungary to visit the kever of Reb Shayale, zt”l, in Kerestir. According to eyewitnesses, one or two passengers refused to comply with the airline’s mask mandate, leading to a confrontation with the crew.

In response, the flight staff banned all Jews from catching their connecting flight. Their only crime? Being Jewish.

In an absolutely shocking filmed exchange with one of the Jewish passengers, a flight crew member says, “It was Jewish people who made problems. Jewish people coming from JFK.”

The shocking incident, coming from a German airline, has sparked outrage across the world, with Jews demanding answers for the airline’s open discrimination of the people their ancestors murdered in the millions just a few decades ago.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I am sad to note that in the videos YWN kindly posted before about half of yidden did not wear a mask fully or half-way – as we see the gentleman in the white shirt in front of the picture above.

  2. oh just shut up already…

    this makes my blood boil. tell the loudmouth Jew to shut his mouth and remind him that we are still in golus, so enough demanding everything from the goyim.

    huge chilul hashem!

  3. just for this encounter the yidden deserve more antisemitism to occur…

    hopefully hashem will send it in a way that doesn’t hurt (swastikas, broken windows, cursing, spitting) and not anything more.

    these jews are spoiled brats. they dont know what REAL antisemitism is.

  4. The only way to get justice is due their head off like the 19 girls who were left stranded last year in Amsterdam .
    The only way those Germans will learn is by exposing them to the world .
    They still have the genes from their parents who killed six million of us.
    Yemach Shemom vezichrom

  5. You are flying Lufthansa and asking why they were Anti Semitic ?? Be glad they didn’t shove all into gas chambers. We didn’t forget, they hate us and always did and always will. They can pretend but not for to long.
    They all are nazis or nazi children.

  6. The shocking incident actually being that Jews are still patronizing Lufthansa, and and setting foot upon accursed Germany which is under a full fledged חרם from 8/5/1945 thru 5/8/2945
    Everyone there should have immediately jumped onto a flight to Israel & spend the Holy day of יום העצמאות בקדושה ובטהרה בארץ הקדושה

  7. One or two Jewish travelers ruined the reputation of all of us.
    I was raised to think things through before I do something stupid.

  8. I just woke up so if my comment is not perfect, please forgive me.
    I think maybe this entire ordeal with Lufthansa, they were extremely not fair, this was a special and caring hint from our dear loving father in heaven, that one day may come in the future and it maybe extremely dangerous to be on German soil. Hashem sent us this message with a strong and powerful inconvenience, however, every single individual eventually returned home safely with both of his hands and legs thank God.
    Good night, I need to go back to sleep. If you reply to this message, I will answer you in the morning after prayers. Thank you and all the best to all of you.

  9. We should not be “shocked”. Disregard for masks was nt necessarily the only behavior that antagonized the airline staff. So it’s not surprising that some non-Jews – who don’t understand the differences between these Jews and other Jews – would conclude that many Jews have attitudes that might cause disruptions. The only chidush here is that Europian companies are not as afraid of being racist as US companies. Germany is not the US. Surprise surprise!

  10. I’m in no way condoning Lufthansa – and this is a shocking incident – it definitely requires a robust response that the airline should answer for. But the moral message here is NOT about the airline: it is about how Jews should behave.

    The story is a classic example of when 1 or 2 Jews behavior mindlessly it reflects badly on ALL Jews. A chilul Hashem reflects badly on EVERYONE.

    Again, Lufthansa needs to answer to the awful way it behaved in 2022 – but we shouldn’t be moralizing that their “ancestors murdered in the millions just a few decades ago.” This is misguided and sadly misses the important take away that we should be making a kiddush Hashem each day and when they think of “Jewish people who come from JFK” they should be amazed at the wonderful way torah yidden behave. I’m sure this is the case with most yidden on this route – and 2 people can cause much damage by refusing to comply with the airlines policies.

    How ironic to go to daven at Reb Shayale, zt”l whose entire life was to make a kiddush Hashem while surrounded by antisemitism, and cause such a C’H.

  11. She was trying to say something but this guy was putting words into her mouth… why didn’t he listen first then question?
    Two or more jews refused to comply with mask mandate…. so they refused all jews on flight…
    Well!? Firstly why do some jews still feel they’re above the law? If it’s not your own place then abide to rules to avoid a chilul Hashem. So go thank these so called jews who think they’re above the law.
    Even though germany was wrong to ban all jews, but in the end of the day, ish echad b’lev echad. We are responsible for one another and for the actions we do.

  12. You heard, she explained politely… just the Jews needed to be removed… from just this flight.,.. while they can search for a Final Solution!

  13. These Jewish people feel entitled and don’t feel a need to follow rules.
    Way to go Jewish people
    Another huge desecration of gds name

  14. When the world finally wakes up and realizes that the mask mandates are a farce and always was from day 1 they’ll remember that the Jews who are the smartest people in the world because of the power of the Torah got it right all along. That will be a huge kiddush hashem. So I have no problem with these guys showing everyone how smart we are. One day they’ll get it

  15. if i had to “guess” as to what happened. i would guess that they were shocked and therefore uncompliant to find out that european carriers require that all passengers wear an N95 and they probably did not like that rule. In any event, im sorry to say, but chassidim travelling as a group (or any group with memebers all dressed alike) are subject to the behavior and actions of others in their group. ) This is most likely blown out of proportion. but if they are so sure that everyone at Lufthansa are nazis, then why on earth give them your money ?!!

  16. Don’t fly Lufthansa!!! That is the only language people understand. I flew with them about fifteen years ago, and they are a bunch of anti-semites.

  17. From Dan’s Deals:

    “David told me that about halfway through the flight, a pilot made an announcement that the flight attendants were frustrated with people blocking the galleys in prayer, and for having to repeat themselves about needing to wear a mask. He warned that people not obeying orders would have a problem with their connecting flight.”

    There’s also a clip of a hassid calling a police officer a Nazi.

    Maybe Lufthansa didn’t react in the best way, but the continued disgusting behavior of many hassidim when flying is appalling. (Trying to goad a German police officer by calling him Nazi? How stupid can you be?!) After dealing with badly behaved chassidic passengers every day, who can blame them?

  18. Lufthansa would have been shocked if they really knew how many Jews actually did make the connecting flight. There are many Jews who are disguised as the rest of the nations who did take that flight. Unfortunately the German Y’MS did know.

  19. Yes I agree that while the mask mandate is still on you need to listen to the rules and not be an oiber chuchem, but on a side note it just urkes me that since this stupidity of enforcing masks on planes started so many people had agmas nefesh already with being kicked off of flights, all for this stupid non sense! This putting on a mask on a plane didnt even save one life, it’s pure tipshis of a goisha kup!

  20. Would all you Jewish apologists have made the same comments if 2 black people had misbehaved on a flight and consequently the airline had banned all other black passengers from flying that day. One cannot condone bad behaviour from any individuals, but to use it as an excuse for blatant racism (anti-semitism), is inexcusable, and needs to be condemned.

  21. can u imagine if this would happen to black people if a few people would not wear a mask and they will not allow blacks to go on a plane all america will burn

  22. This unfortunate story sounds like the prelude to a fantastic lawsuit. I wish all of the plaintiffs hatzlocha.

  23. @ Jews4Biden
    your electoral idealogy indicates your failure to read on even the most basic level.
    Much like your inability to see right above the video where it says (hyperlink) “VIDEO VIA DANS DEALS”
    so for everyone else here, please read before you post and lets go Brandon

  24. It is time for the German population who remain horrified over what their ancestors did during WW2 to speak out about this incident. The German media has yet to really cover this story. The videos alone need to be seen and translated so Germans know how their national airline and armed officers treat Jewish airline passengers. They did not show any sensitivity — even if you agree with the mask rule.

  25. Happend a few weeks or month by my cousine too. Jew where not allowed to fly from cophenhagen to kyiv by wizzair . Black women which spoke Arabic told him she hates Jews and they bordering her. He had no clue how to sue the airline. He has a video as evidence..?

  26. unfortunately not 1-2 Jews. Another publication that also claimed “a couple of Jews”, I counted 6 yidden without masks, 1 with a half-mask, and 1 with a proper mask.