Lufthansa Refuses To Allow US Chassidim To Board Connecting Flight To Hungary


Hundreds of chassidim from the US are stuck in Frankfurt, Germany after Lufthansa Airlines refused to allow them to board their connecting flight to Hungary.

The airline claims that some of the chassidim wouldn’t listen to the flight attendants’ instructions and refused to wear masks. However, even if the claim is true, they punished the whole group of hundreds of people instead of penalizing individuals.

Additionally, the chassidim said that many of the non-Jewish passengers were not wearing masks but they were allowed to remain on the flight.

The chassidim landed in Frankfurt on Wednesday and were scheduled to board a connecting flight to Hungary in order to visit the kever of Reb Shayele in Krestiner for the yahrzeit.

The group is now stuck in the airport and it is still unclear if the chassidim will be forced to return to the US or if they still have a chance of flying to Hungary.

This is a developing story.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I was on this flight. There were indeed Jewish and non Jewish people arguing with the staff re: mask wearing. However, by no means was it only chassidim or all of the Jews. In the airport they called up all the Goyim to board the flight and told all the Jews (plenty non chassidim) that we are banned from any Lufthansa flight until the next day. They kept saying “the whole group is banned.” Many like myself and my daughter were not part of any group and when I asked the supervisor what makes me part of any group she kept saying “the whole group!” When I asked her if I am considered part of the group because I am Jewish, she, sadly, said YES. There were people recording videos of these conversations so when Lufthansa inevitably denies it they will be proven wrong. 2022 in the free country of Germany…very disturbing.

  2. Like it is really important to make a broigas on masks to get to Hungary. Do I suspect there is some uneven enforcement of the mask requirement against Chassidim…of course. Anti-semitism is still alive and well in Germany and Eastern Europe. However, there is a time and place to strategically choose your battles. Thouands flying into Europe to daven at the kevorim of tzadikim seems NOT to be such an imperative when there are literally dozens of equally worthy locations in EY and the U.S.

  3. Germany & Lufthansa [Not Ukraine] are the wicked Nazis and nothing has changed in over 100 years. NOT Ukraine.

    Why is any one with any semblance of a Jewish heart, still patronizing Lufthansa? or/& setting foot on accursed Germany [even just an airport]?

  4. Great job some “wise guys” who feel they laws don’t apply to them. It happens many times and causes major Hillul Hashem. Don’t cry antisemitism when you decide that you are smarter than others and refuse to wear mask where there is a requirement to do so. It’s not Boro Park or Williamsburg where you can do such shticks, and because of the action of a few everyone got punished because to Goyim it’s all one group. They are lucky they are not in jail because actually it may be punishably by jail not to listen to air crew. Even some of those who wore masks on video did not do it proper way which is the same as not wearing. So all you can blame is yourselves, and don’t pretend to be victims. If you don’t like wearing masks on planes or trains, then just charter your own transport or don’t travel at all until there is a requirement to do do so (whether you agree with reason for mask or not). Maybe this will teach some a great lesson. I see this type of behavior on NY subway as well. I agree that some goyin also don’t wear masks, but Yiden are not complying in much greater numbers to do that. Just this past Chol Hamoed was a good example. It’s very visible who is Jewish and not, and I see Goyim react to it but getting up and move when a Jew (without mask) sits next to them. I doubt it’s a Kiddush Hashem that is expected from us.

  5. This is the feedback I sent to Lufthansa
    I am shocked to see that anti Semitism is still so ingrained in the German culture. The removal of a whole sect of people from a flight based on their appearance due to the wrong activity of some individuals, is racial profiling and a gross example of the anti Semitism that is still alive. You would never dare ban all black people from a flight due to some not complying to the covid restrictions. But Jews are different!

  6. Welcome to GERMANY!!! A country that despises Jews to the next level. Its in their DNA. I feel sorry for those that seem to have forgotten. I’m a survivors daughter. My parents lost all their family there. I wont forget but will my kids and then their kids go to Germany for vacation etc.

  7. Yes we are one nation, easily identified and easily discriminated against. Yes, we are in Goku’s.
    Yes; too many of us are idiots and think we own the world.
    Wear the stupid mask and stop crying wolf! You’re not in Shomer Shabbos shul. Get on with life, there would be no story if they had worn the mask. So- there’s no story!

  8. This is selective adherence to the rules so its technically not discrimination. But this isnt the first time in Germany so we should learn our lesson from this and from the last 100 years.

  9. Hey they gassed our grandparents what can you expect!! At least they let you live.
    #neverforget #neverflygerman

  10. Anti Semite’s are and will be. But why do the chasidim need to act so stupidly

    Put the required masks on and move on.

    Why are no videos showing non Jews allowed to board maskless

  11. Aisev soneh yakov, you expect them to hate jews. What isn’t acceptable is the chilul hashem of the oiber chachamim who think they know better than the national health authorities so the laws don’t apply to them. If you don’t want to wear a mask keep out of countries where it’s required or charter your own plane.

  12. just take off the yarmulke and pass. – is that assur – could be?

    You are crazy, and belong in the Dark Ages!

    US citizens have a right to travel ANYWHERE in the EU – it is NONE of your beezwax where or why they are going

  13. Its a lesson in achdus! We may think we belong to this group or that group, we may daven a different nusach…etc. But in the end our enemies are here again to remind us that we are all united, we are Arevim Ze La’ze.

  14. most are flying to vienna and buses picking them up from there , a yid getzich an eitza
    question how does one know when a bump in the road is a siman to turn back or a challenge to overcome ?

  15. It’s always Antisemitism. Not once in history has it been our fault. You ask about large groups of identifiable Jews ignoring the rules throughout COVID? You sir are an Antisemite for asking that question.
    Antisemitism, my favorite word ever. It absolved us of any responsibility to follow the rules like everyone else.

  16. 147, whatever the Germans are like at any given time, the Ukranians are always much worse. Even in WW2, the Ukranians were much worse than the Germans. The survivors were very clear on this; the Ukranians were worse than the Germans. The Germans did their jobs; the Ukranians relished it and did it with a chayus and a bren.

  17. alexfromny

    Your comment is perfect for a self hating jew

    Goyim on the flight were ignoring rules as well ?

    Some yiden might have not been wearing the mask every second ? So ban all of them because a few

  18. @alexfromny
    Seems like you didn’t fly in a while…😉
    I’ve recently been to many busy airports and flights, there are just as much non jews not complying with the mask mandate.
    If in this case it was only yidden that were not allowed to board, it’s only because of the fact that they are Jewish, and don’t argue that!
    You seemnto be one of these people that are looking for the “chillul hashem” in every event or situation.

  19. Because the Jews of New York Complied quietly with the Ineffective Communist Masking Vaxxing Tyranny ,
    Because the Clinics got so many millions in Covid funding,
    You get this. Tyranny. Because you accepted it

  20. Hahahahah, that people write here: “Boycott Germany”, “Putin army”?? Get some education!! Germany has two of the biggest US army bases out of the US and calling for Putin’s army as American? So, go to Russia, send your kids there to the army… by the way being against Germany nowadays and call for Russia nowadays he missed something in life!

  21. Did any of you spent one minute watching these videos? About half of yidden are either not wearing masks or wearing them well below their noses. I don’t see non-Jewish passengers, but personnel has masks properly, except one Fräulein who has it on the tip of her nose.

    Rather han crying anti-semitism, maybe if you don’t like order and you are non-yakkish chusid – just fly through Russia instead of Germany, at least you can then complain about current Nazis.