Jonathan Pollard: “I Can No Longer Remain Silent”

Pollard at Esther's kever. (Photo: Nir Dvush)

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In an article published in The Jerusalem Post on Yom Ha’atzmaut and published in Hebrew in Yediot Achronot on Monday morning, Jonathan Pollard, who paid a heavy price for Israel’s security, broke his silence in an article entitled: “Israel’s War For Independence Is Far From Over.”

“During the 30 years I was in prison, I lived with incredible fear and concern for my life, ” Pollard wrote. “I had to have eyes in the back of my head. I couldn’t sleep at night, concerned that someone would enter my room and stab me or my roommate to death. I needed to always carry a knife and be prepared to use it without hesitation.

“I constantly had to witness the horrible deaths of other people – especially my friends – that occurred suddenly and without warning. In prison, the most frustrating thing of all had to do with the fact that the officials in charge of protecting us were basically scared of the violent prisoners and accommodated them as much as possible.

“Put plainly, our administrators wanted peace at any cost, even if it meant that innocent people were murdered without serious consequences to those who attacked them. We couldn’t even rely upon the guards to protect us, because they didn’t want an inmate injured by them taking them to court.

“I quickly learned that we didn’t have a right to self-defense under any circumstances. People can’t believe me when I tell them that we were always wrong if we tried to defend ourselves. And those who did were always punished excessively in order to make the point that they were no better than their assailants. It was total insanity.

“I prayed that when I came home, I wouldn’t have to live this way. I was wrong. Indeed, given what I’ve seen over the past year, it’s even worse now for me, because this time it’s not about one or two people getting randomly killed, but about an entire nation being traumatized by an army of cold-blooded antisemitic psychopaths, who the authorities are afraid of provoking. I’ve seen this movie before, and it never ends well.

“In prison, I had one or two good friends who watched my back and I watched theirs. I lived under G-d’s grace and tried to remember that you fear no one but G-d, and to strike first. Here, incredibly, I’m living with a whole country that is either scared to death or in denial.

“WE ARE all suffering on account of a group of intellectually challenged political and judicial elites, who have an infinite capacity to tolerate the suffering of our citizens, all the while insinuating that we are somehow responsible for all the violence we are experiencing.

“I’m tired of this. I’m tired of seeing our so-called leaders taking our flag, washing out the blue and only leaving the white of surrender.

“I’m waiting for somebody, a leader, a true Jewish leader, to come forward and put the blue stripes and the Magen Dovid back on our flag.

“I’m waiting for a leader that will put the fear of G-d into our enemies. Better yet, I’m waiting for a leader who will wipe our enemies off the face of the earth once and for all.

“I’m waiting for a leader who will act without any concern about what anybody else outside our country thinks – whether it be the United States or the European Union, the UN, or anybody else who believes they can tell us where we can live or how we are to defend ourselves.

“I’ve spent 30 years in prison hoping and praying that I would come home to a state that would defend me. Was I wrong? It certainly feels that way.

“We desperately need to get rid of this galut (exile) mentality that prioritizes the need to understand our enemies over the security of our people. We simply can’t think like the ten spies, who attributed to others what they felt about themselves – namely, that they were like grasshoppers. Well, I’m not a grasshopper, and neither are my brothers or sisters in this country.

“We are the descendants of proud and noble warriors, who feared only G-d and never hesitated to defend our land from some of the greatest empires the world has ever seen. But over many years, our leaders have relentlessly tried to have us forget this fact in favor of our adopting a more liberal post-modernism, where we share our land with those who openly seek to destroy us. No more! We must reject this type of cynical defeatism before it kills us.

“I know we can enact these essential reforms – and if we actually want to be an independent country, we have no other choice. Indeed, these goals should be seen as sacred obligations we must embrace not only for our sake, but also for the sake of our future generations. May G-d grant us the wisdom and strength to do so.


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. He is 1000% correct and BIBI is NOT the answer.

    He has proven time after time that what the Goyim say comes before the safety of the Jewish people…

  2. Very simple, don’t allow any workers permits. Build a wall for Gaza and west Bank and seal it shut forever. Whoever is left is insrael ask them to pledge allegiance or move out. You can’t run a country within a country within a country. Enough of traitors walking around freely. If a missile hits from Gaza or west Bank consider it as an act of war. And patrol the border with drones or other motion sensors. Once you take your borders seriously then you can be treated seriously.

  3. First let me state that I respect Mr. Pollard very much and said tehillim for him for many, many years during his imprisonment. I think he’s missing one essential fact in his well written article. The “galut mentality ” is because we are destined to be in galut until HKBH sends Moshiach to redeem us. Until then the government of Israel is just that, a government, with no more importance to Klal Yisroel than the government of Zimbabwe. Until we are deserving of the ultimate Geulah, zionism is meaningless to our nation, no matter which faction is in power. May we see Moshiach speedily bring us back to our homeland.

  4. I stand beside Pollard in pain as I write this. Knowing all this pain and tragedies hitting klal yisroel at this current moment R”L and in the past could’ve all been avoided…..


    Let’s be honest and stop living our lives in denial…… Thinking we can fool Hashem the king of kings ruler of the entire world.

    We know the honest truth-as we are reading this- why we are still sadly sitting in exile and watching our loving brethren suffer all over the world R”L. We can’t fool Hashem. A person is a fool if he thinks he can fool Hashem.

    Hashem DAILY R”L has been sending us horrific tragic wake up calls for all of us as one loving nation-on all levels from from to frei to Chassidish etc….-to come together and do serious Teshuva and Achdus ASAP like we all did in the story of Purim as soon as Mordechai and Esther said we should all go into our shuls and start begging Hashem forgiveness and to cancel the bitter decree of Haman who was trying to destroy the entire nation of klal yisroel C”V.

    BUT WHAT IS HAPPENING TO US TODAY? we are all living 8n denial and not ready to accept the truth that we are all guilty and all these horrific tragedies could have all been avoided including this terrible coronavirus Mageifa Pandemic that still continues R”L and it’s the biggest pain to the person who knows that it could’ve all been avoided (ex. if he had just listened to the doctor and taken the prescribed medicine to cure his serious illness of life threatening cancer. It’s the biggest pain to the doctor-over anyone else including family-when he knows he could’ve still been alive and healed if he would’ve just listened to his advice and prescription) today we are all asking ourselves what does Hashem want from me? This coronavirus pandemic Mageifa is not my fault I have nothing to do with it etc….. But in the back of oyr heads we all know the truth and see Hashems direct wake up call for serious Teshuva and Achdus ASAP were just not ready to FACE REALITY AND ADMIT IT to Hashem. Thus we leave our loving father Hashem no choice but to keep on sending us shocking wake up calls for Teshuva. Do you know any parents that likes to punish his child? Sometimes the child doesn’t listen and needs to be punished what is this called? A potch of love and we know it’s for the child’s benefit and years later the child will thank the parent for the punishment which was needed to learn from his mistakes. Hashem loves his loving children and nation klal yisroel and is waiting to send Mashiach bkarov and the geula shleima bkarov as soon as we show Hashem that we are ready to do our Hishtadlus and wake up as a loving nation together for serious Teshuva and Achdus ASAP

    May it happen very soon

  5. “Jonathan Pollard, who paid a heavy price for Israel’s security…”

    That’s not accurate. He paid a heavy price for what he decided was a risk to Israel’s security and paid that terrible price only because the Zionists repaid him by booting him out of their embassy in DC.

    “We desperately need to get rid of this galut (exile) mentality that prioritizes the need to understand our enemies over the security of our people…”

    This “Galut [sic] mentality” is Zionist code for disregarding the Torah and needlessly provoking our enemies instead of minimizing confrontation, etc.

    “We are the descendants of proud and noble warriors, who feared only G-d and never hesitated to defend our land from some of the greatest empires the world has ever seen.”

    That’s also not accurate. They were not proud and noble warriors; they were bnei Torah who learned (and farmed) all day and night. More importantly, they did not defend “the land” as it would be forbidden to give up Jewish lives for any land, as the Zionists proudly do. They defending the Jewish people, not land, from attack.

  6. Oh wow
    J Polard is speaking from his hart and every word is indeed inspiring but the question is what he is really saying is to soothe his heart or he has plans to carry them out in action.
    Meaning does he have plans to go forward and run for a seat which left will adjust the polls and scales as they always have by nook or crook? This is what ALL of Am is thinking about. However Mr. Polard must have good under of field which is 1) fake distractions created and man made capitulations to the will of the enemy to prolong the war and therefore secure power for one’s self and one’s party. 2) in order to act on his plans mentions above he must have the 99% of Jews behind him which means that with political system as old as fossils they first need to change the 100 party SYATEM to 2 to 3 parties system.
    3) The supreme court’s powers or WINGS which TODAY dictate Israeli Law to the government must be clipped.
    Legislations AND LAWS MUST BE SET BY THE government WHICH ARE THE REPERSENTATIVE OF people AND THE CITIZENS AND not THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Unlike today Which basically after elections the Joe Bozo has Abseloutly has no check and balances and he can be British Spy as part time side gig with no responsibility to the people who voted for him and DO EXACT OPPOSITE OF HIS PROMISES WERE. by with the to that he has a plan to carry out?
    4) Have to be able Strong enough to have principles HOWEVER NOT STRONG ENOUGH FOR THE ENEMIES KEEP JEWS SUBMISSIVE as today political system shows. World Wide efforts to keep the Jews alive long enough not to die out But not Strong enough to really rule for her own domain.

    For this to happen you need real man.
    Men and Women of valor and strength which we have not seen in the history of NewZionisim.
    Ben Gourion powerful party Jewish Anti Semetisim must be whipped out. “BLESSED ARE BULLTS THAT HIT “ Menachem Begins boat carrying weapons to librate israel. He sank the boat and killed many Jews and shamelessly became the first PM.
    Or Teddy Koleg a mayor of Jerusalem re-elected many time admired that he was a BRITISH SPY.

    So J Polard you have great great idea and we as citizens Are sick and tired of Prostitute government but the actually the main Charidi MK would Never Ever hand over POWER AND a Lukertive BUSINESS TO SALE OUT JEWS AND GET RICH ON REAL ESTATE AND other deals for a theoradical idea.


  7. What world do we live in when a website called “Yeshiva World” publishes a letter from an irrelevant person telling us that we need to eradicate our “galut mentality”?

  8. That guy, the supposed author of this article, never spied against Amerika. He is an actor, like any public figure today. He is meant to convince you that the medinah is a sovereign state, not just a puppet regime controlled by the same who control Amerika and every puppet regime. This article claims the failures in governance in the medinah is bad leadership, as though the public figure political actors are leaders. Yet hardly anyone there is in denial about the reality. They know their politicians are actors, not real leadership. They know they are all following scripts. It is not possible to wash blue stripes out of the polyester flags made in China. Don’t let some washed up crisis actor convince you that the flag of your nation is whatever they made for the medinah. That’s not your state. That’s not even a state. Don’t be a fool. They just tricked or coerced nearly the entire population of Yisroel to hack their genes with a murdered unborn baby corpse to insert some corporate proprietary code that is confidential and claimed as intellectual property. They literally now claim to own a sequence of your genes. If their goal was to depopulate, they would proceed as they are, feigning altruism. They’re trying to depopulate the planet to a cap that can exist sustainably. There’s really only room for about 1.5 billion humans on Earth. The longer we exceed this cap, the more we deplete the limited resources of the best agriculture land on Earth and thereby decrease the overall cap. So, several billion are regarded as expendable. Basically, if you look at any state today, they all are being driven into the ground from behind the scenes. Austerities to be expected under any pretext, some contrived war, whatever excuse to cut supply chains. Inflation is good for their purposes. Your best bet is to try to stay out of harm’s way and to hope that those actually in charge of the new world order steer it to avoid injuring you personally. The system isn’t even worth criticizing. To pick a fight with the puppet regime in Yisroel is to put yourself in harm’s way from sardines, very small pons of much bigger players with far greater resources than you. This is simply not the era to have confidence in your supposed government. Just as well, it is not the era to fight for a Torah state in Yisroel. There isn’t enough territory to give each Yid his own portion to sustain himself with his own produce, which I suppose was the Torah’s ideal. If there ever will be a possibility to live in Yisroel precisely as Hashem intended, it probably only will be only after this end of long war that we pretend isn’t being waged.

  9. The Arab countries have the death penalties and the world doesn’t say a peep. Israel needs to start executing terrorists.

  10. it’s NOT our flag….
    that flag is not a jewish flag –
    if you are referring to the Zionist flag – well, their predecessors did NOT fear G-d,
    so make up your mind – your either jewish or zionist