SUPPORTING TERRORISTS: Paterson, NJ Celebrates Renaming of Main Street to “Palestine Way”


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The city of Paterson, NJ, on Sunday held a celebration renaming a five-block portion of its Main Street to Palestine Way. The name change comes after the city council unanimously voted in April to rename the street in honor of the city’s large Palestinian population.

A street festival, organized by the Palestinian American Community Center, was held in the city to celebrate the renaming. The street was decked out in Palestinian flags and booths selling shirts and other items celebrating the name change.

“Many Palestinians call Paterson home, and this is the day we get to celebrate it,” said Councilman Alaa “Al” Abdelaziz.

“If you’re Palestinian, chances are you started in South Paterson,” Abdelaziz told a cheering crowd. “So, Palestine Way is long overdue… Paterson is a great city because Palestinians call it home.”

Chants of “Free Palestine” rang out as the street sign for Palestine Way was unveiled, with community members saying it demonstrates resistance and defiance against Israel.

The day the unveiling took place – May 15th – was not by chance. Sunday marked Nakba Day, the day on which Palestinians mourn the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. They didn’t do it right. The Palestinian way is to stab each other and blow each other up while getting paid for doing it.

  2. Why is that even an issue, for gods sake. They are god’s creatures who just so happens to be from Palestine/Israel and so happen to be Arabs. So what? Is that a crime? Can we for once stop this obsession with Palastinian Arabs. We should be completely indifferent towards them like Asians or Puerto Ricans. Please. Thank You.