UTJ MK Reveals: “Netanyahu Is Holding Talks With Coalition Parties”

UTJ MK Uri Maklev. (Knesset spokesperson)

UTJ MK Uri Maklev revealed in an interview on Wednesday with Ynet that senior Likud members are currently holding talks with parties in the coalition on the formation of an alternative government with Netanyahu serving as prime minister.

“I know one thing,” Maklev said. “Netanyahu himself said that he won’t prevent the formation of an alternative government. He also agreed to a rotation.”

Likud officials did not deny they are holding talks with coalition parties but emphasized that there is no agreement for a rotation for the position of prime minister. “The only alternative is a strong nationalist government led by Netanyahu to replace Bennett and Lapid’s weak and fraudulent government,” the Likud party said in response.

Likud MK Miki Zohar tweeted: “A coalition without Netanyahu as prime minister – simply will not be formed.”

Following the announcement of Blue and White MK Michoel Biton that he will no longer be voting with the coalition, the interviewer asked Maklev if the Blue and White party was part of the talks. “There are right-wing parties which will potentially establish a government but I can’t reveal which ones,” Maklev responded.

“Bennett erred and failed but he can do teshuvah,” he said regarding the Yamina party. “There’s also New Hope and Blue and White. Ayelet Shaked as well.”

“The battle in the coalition right now is not when it disintegrates but when and by whom,” Maklev said. “On the right, then Lapid will be the prime minister and on the left, then Bennett will continue to serve.” [According to the coalition agreements, if a coalition member from the right topples the government, then Yair Lapid will automatically become prime minister until a new one is elected. If a left-wing member topples the government, then Bennett will continue to serve as prime minister.]

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)