WATCH THIS HATER: California GOP House Candidate Goes On Anti-Semitic Rant


If antisemitic Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are looking for a foreign policy ally, they might soon have a Republican as one. His name is Greg Raths, a candidate running to beat Rep. Young Kim in the GOP primary for California’s 40th District.

Last week, Raths went on an antisemitic rant as he spoke at an Orange County Islamic Foundation candidate forum.

“That’s the problem. Israeli PAC in Washington, they got money and they control a lot of these politicians. And the other side, the Palestinians, they don’t have the clout. So these politicians go where the money is, unfortunately,” Raths said. “The Jewish community is very well organized in the United States, and they control a lot of politicians. That’s why the foreign aid is so large going to Israel. … The Jewish community has never given me one dime, so I’m not beholden to them at all.”

The Orange County Islamic Foundation’s leader, Sheikh Tarik Ata, has called Israel a “Nazi-like, apartheid, racist, aggressive, tyrannical, vicious, child-killing Zionist entity.” The fact that Raths even agreed to speak there spoke volumes about his stance toward the Jewish State.

Raths comments were curiously similar to those made by Ilhan Omar in 2019 when she said that U.S. support for Israel is “all about the Benjamins, baby.” Also curious is Raths website, which claims – contrary to his comments – that he would “support Israel” if elected.

Somehow that doesn’t seem to be true.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. After hearing his comments, is it any wonder that “the Jewish community has never given him one dime?”
    This is a lesson to our community. We shouldn’t support Republicans all the way or condemn Democrats all the way. As far as anti semitism is concerned, both the right and the left are stricken with this condition. This is a condition that Hashem has programmed into the world so that we Yidden don’t assimilate into our society, whether it’s Republican or Democratic.

  2. And if he was a Democrat, nobody would think twice to start blaming all Democrats. (Not a liberal, it’s just that blanket statements from both sides bother me.)

  3. Stupid politician just admitted he’s as flexible as a dollar. You pay him a dollar (ahem, a dime) and he’s beholden to you. #scum

  4. Doesn’t help that we have high ranking jewish democrats: Schaffer nadler Schumer Feinstein, all championship of immorality

  5. In other word if anyone has or will give you a dime , you will be beholden to them? You are a fake, phony and a fraud. You have what they call ” foot in mouth” disease.

  6. We have haters and anti-semites on BOTH ends of the political spectrum. Really stupid to debate which side has more. We need to be prepared to respond wherever it comes from.

  7. He’s right. It’s not anti semitism. The Israeli lobby does control a lot of politicians because they get Jewish money and votes. But there’s nothing wrong with flexing our muscles and using our influence in a legal way. He’s just stating the facts. I have no problem with it

  8. never knew lies could be dressed up so evilly and without compunction….this is what a world looks like without G-d…..

  9. it is America….living in Israel I have decided it is all up to Hashem…..not an American anyway….if you don’t live in Israel then complain all you want….I am not listening /