Arad Resident Must Compensate Following Defamatory Facebook Posting


fcbkThe Arad Magistrate Court has imposed a 10,000 NIS fine on a resident who posted a defamatory statement pertaining to a local supermarket owner on her Facebook page.

The court said in its ruling that while the norms of acceptable content in the social network world have yet to be defined, it urges caution and a warning that when the parameters are defined, the fines may be significantly higher.

The Facebook mentioned the store name, warning shoppers that the cashier will regularly divert one’s attention when one pays with a 200 NIS note and then only return change for a 100 NIS note. The store owner denies the allegation and took his case to court for the black eye received by the Facebook posting.

Justice Ron Solkin ruled the posting was indeed harmful to the store and its owner and he was disgraced in the community, compelling the women to pay the 10,000 NIS fine.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)