KIDDUSH HASHEM! Orthodox Jewish Paramedic Saves Life Of EMT On Airplane While Doing Chesed Flight


Frum paramedics who were assisting in transporting a cancer patient from Los Angeles to Israel to attend her daughter’s wedding saved the life of a non-Jewish EMT who went into sudden cardiac arrest.

The story begins several days earlier, when askanim began looking for sponsors that would provide the funding necessary for a Stage 4 cancer patient from Israel who has been receiving treatment in Los Angeles to fly home for her child’s wedding.

In stepped Kanfei Chayim, which helps raise points to help those who cannot afford to travel obtain flights, and specifically those who are ill and require special business-class tickets with additional space available for doctors to join them on the flight.

The organization helped get the tickets for this Israeli mother, and sent paramedic Dovid Sofer – who has been back and forth between the U.S. Israel at least 40 times since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic – and Dr. Roee Salem to travel along with the patient and provide her the necessary medical care.

As Dovid and Dr. Salem were bringing her onto the flight, a non-Jewish Los Angeles EMT who was helping bring the cancer patient from the hospital to the plane suddenly collapsed and went into cardiac arrest.

Dovid and Dr. Salem immediately sprang into action, administering CPR and other life-saving measures for 40 minutes – including twice shocking his heart – until they got a pulse back. The EMT was subsequently transported to a local hospital for further treatment.

A very special Thank You to the amazing ELAL crew who helped with the CPR. Elal has accommodated Kanfei Chaim and Paramedic Dovid Sofer on every transport.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. What an unbelievable Kiddush HASHEM!
    A paramedic followed his training and stepped in to save another human being who happened to be right in front of him!
    Mi k’Amcha Yisroel!
    What other nation would consider a trained human being of their own nation helping a human being of a different nation something so remarkable — and worthy of celebration?

  2. What’s the big deal?? Any paramedic would have done the same in his place. On the contrary, it’s quite depressing that this is rare enough of an occurrence that it has to make headlines. Jews, like any other human being, have a duty to help society. Yasher Koach to this man for taking his job seriously.

  3. It is a kiddush Hashem.
    Stop being so negative. Perhaps your threshold for Chillul Hashem is more easily triggered.
    A frum jew behaving as he should doing ordinary things, is a kiddush Hashem in some respects, kol sheken here.

  4. BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Commenters on the bottom of a ywn article actually had nice things to say about other yidden, What a kiddush hashem!!!!!!!!

  5. El Al staff have improved their service and attitude since the airline was taken over. They are marvelous! As for this Kiddush Hashem, we are so accustomed to Jewish EMT’s/Hatzalah jumping in to save anyone in medical need, some jaded and disillusioned posters can’t appreciate their service and dedication.

    @coffee addict… the only thing these people are impressed with is how well they can put others down. Sad, isn’t it?

  6. One time when I was flying I brought my own Kosher food. I could of thrown the wrappers and garbage on the floor but I waited for the flight attendant to come around with a garbage bag and threw it in there. My Shul held a Grand Kiddush in my honor for the Kiddush Hashem I made.
    Mi Kaamcha Yisroel!

  7. moderator: mention in the title. is that not obvious. your ability to be dan le’kav zechut is a bit weak. i read rather well

  8. #SUDDEN
    #cardiac arrest
    #new norm.
    Interestingly, I think every know what I’m talking about.

  9. No one said he was heroic, but it still portrays a positive image and therefore is a Kiddush Hashem.

    Besides, the entire back story is a kiddush hashem, doing a mitzvah transport to assist with the transport of a sick patient placed these two providers in the right place at the right time so be the ones to save the EMTs life.

  10. Sorry, A Medical professional who sees a emergency situation and does not respond risks losing his/her license, No kiddish hashem here.

  11. Lovely how all the anti semites on here who shout chilul hashem at every opportunity now find it difficult to understand what the kiddush hashem is.