76% of New Yorkers Worry They’ll Be Victim of Violent Crime; Adams’ Approval Drops to 29%

(AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

With violent crime and general discontent soaring in the Big Apple, Mayor Eric Adams is feeling the brunt of New Yorkers wrath, with just an abysmal 29% of residents approving of his job performance and 64% saying he’s doing fairly or poorly.

A Spectrum News/Siena College poll found that 56% of New Yorkers believe the city is headed in the wrong direction, compared to just 32% who think it’s on the right track, and 76% are concerned that they will become the victim of a violent crime in the city.

Adams has noted that shootings are trending downwards, though statistics show that overall crime levels in the city are still going up.

“This is not a large number of people,” Adams insisted. “It’s a small number of people who are consistently inflicting violence.”

“[The NYPD’s] job is to take dangerous people off the street. My job and the job of my agencies is to prevent people from being dangerous. And that is the partnership we’re creating,” he added.

On the issues themselves, Adams didn’t fare very well, either. 45% say he’s doing a bad job at fighting crime, 49% say he’s doing poorly in tackling homelessness, and he scored best on the issue of encouraging tourists to visit New York City – on which 43% approved of his performance.


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  1. So the blacks living in housing projects in the Bronx and elsewhere, are NOT afraid of WHITE SUPREMACISTS?! They’re not petrified that some middle class white male wearing a MAGA hat is lurking in the bushes outside their building?! I’m all confused.

  2. Hey Mr.”not getting involved”. Don’t get involved. Let the people in the housing projects and elsewhere make these comments. Not someone posting on Yeshiva World. It does not win us any friends.

  3. Just keep voting Democrat. Keep voting Democrat. The left will protect you from everything.

    A vote for a Democrat by a Jew is like voting for Yasser Arafat YMSH!

  4. These 76 % are very smart. They know the real truth, when something terrible happens and you call for help, most of the time they come to help you after about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the victim is on the floor lying in blood and the human tiger is gone gone. (no trace in sight)
    It is interesting that many years ago, Egypt was the most powerful country in the world (when are ancestors were there), after we left Egypt, the whole country went down the drain. I remember the good old New York, everyone used to love to visit New York. It was a real safe place. Today, New York is history, all the animals are roaming in the street (the Police are hiding). Egypt fell New York fell. They’re both history.

  5. The poor guy! He was left a mess that is indescribably impossible to undo! He’s basically a good guy, very caring and wants to fix things! The stakes are not in his favor! Albany and Washington aren’t being helpful either!

  6. Not his fault!
    De Blowsio spent 8 years destroying what Giuliani and Bloomberg fixed! It will take 8 more to rebuild again!
    Meanwhile, I carry a 6” blade in one pocket and brass knuckles in another!