Dr. Fauci Has Covid Symptoms Again AFTER Taking Pfizer’s Paxlovid

(Shawn Thew/Pool Photo via AP, File)

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the United States’ top official in the fight against Covid-19, said he is suffering from a “Covid rebound” after being treated with Pfizer’s anti-Covid drug Paxlovid.

Annointed as a “silver bullet” against Covid-19, Paxlovid may not provide anything beneficial to people who have already been vaccinated, according to Pfizer’s own data. Fauci, 81, has been vaccinated and boosted – twice.

Fauci first became ill with Covid earlier this month and said he was experiencing mild symptoms. When his symptoms got slightly worse, Fauci began taking Paxlovid. After taking the five-day course of treatment, he tested negative for the virus. But he then tested positive again and now says his symptoms are “much worse.”

The CDC warned in May that Paxlovid could cause a rebound of Covid shortly after recovery. The drug received emergency use authorization from the FDA in late 2021.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I had covid twice, 20 months apart, with fever chills, headaches, aches, sore throat, etc.
    (I’m in my late 50’s)

    Both times i meticulously followed Doc Zelenkos protocol.
    So did other members of my family, when they came down with the virus.

    No matter when the protocol was started (whether 1st day of symptoms or 5th day) in each case the results/pattern was almost like clockwork, as follows:

    Within around 48 hours there’s a noticeable improvement.
    After 72 hours the bulk of the suffering is over.
    And by the 5th day, back to normal.
    (The protocol is for 5-7 days, depending on how high-risk the situation is.)

    1) Zelenko’s cocktail’s effect is that it prevents the virus’ (aka virions’) multiplying.
    Therefore, if taken soon enough, the virus never gets the chance to become numerous enough to cause too much damage.
    So there’s near-zero chance of suffering “long covid”.

    2) After the virus has been rendered impotent, there may still be a few more days of minor “leftover” symptoms, while the body repairs itself and rids itself of the cells that were already damaged.
    Such as (in my case) a phlegmy cough, and some weakness/tiredness.
    Just like after having the Flu.
    (All gone completely after another week, B”H.)

    3) All the studies that showed that Zelenko’s protocol doesn’t work, have left out key elements of the protocol. (e.g. left out the Zinc and/or began the study on patients that were already sick for over a week. You can see those studies yourself.)
    So, OF COURSE those studies failed!

    4) Dahven for Volf Zev ben Leah.
    Dr. Zelenko has saved countless of lives, with Mesiras-Nefesh.
    Now he’s in intensive-care R”L.

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  6. So let me get this straight
    The vaccine he loves so much that he flew through safety trials and let them mandate for people who don’t need or want
    Even going so far as to say that the federal government should be looking into banning people from public travel without the vaccine… THAT vaccine that he took probably four times (if he really did) allowed him to catch covid twice? He’s a super spreader he should be locked into a permanent quarantine
    And let’s not forget that lovely Paxlovid drug that he funded with billions of federal (OUR) dollars and is pretty much useless for anything but lining pockets

  7. Anyone ever consider that giving an 80something year old formerly healthy person 4 experimental Pfizer shots might be hazardous to his health? Just sayin’. Fauci dying from Pfizer shots would only be eclipsed by Pelosi dying from botched botox injection, Lindsay Graham from AIDS, or Beto from a violent encounter with an illegal immigrant.