FLEEING: Record Number of NYPD Officers Calling It Quits


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The NYPD is hemorrhaging police officers, with a stunning 2,143 cops quitting the force this year alone, the NY Post reports.

Of the 2,143 who’ve left the force so far in 2022, 1,427 retired and 647 resigned – a whopping 38% increase from 2020, when the previous high set for the first six months in a single year, in which 1,535 cops retired or resigned from the force.

“The exodus has become a stampede. We’re not only losing experienced veterans. We’re also losing cops in the prime of their careers who are taking their talents elsewhere,” PBA President Patrick Lynch said.

“The NYPD cannot continue papering over this staffing crisis with more and more overtime. That will drive even more cops to pursue other opportunities where they can make more money and have a better quality of life,” he added.

The source who spoke to the Post said the amount of quitting officers lined up at the police Pension Section office on Thursday resembled a “concert ticket giveaway.”

The reasons for cops leaving the NYPD are numerous. Anti-cop hostility, bail reform laws, rising crime, and the Big Apple’s vaccination mandate, are all factors playing into the mass exodus from the department, with many officers choosing to gain new employment in greener pastures, the Post said.

Professor Joseph Giacalone of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice had this to say about the police department: “It appears there are only two types of NYPD officers left: Those that want to get out and can and those that want to get out but can’t.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. They should know when considering this retirement that now they become regular citizens and can thus be charged when driving while texting and using Facebook. They must also obey traffic and parking regulations. It’s hard to imagine that they could reign in such discipline after having a free ride for the duration their tenure.

  2. Many have been pushed out by ‘needling’ — coercing them to take the ‘poison death shot’, as the late Dr. Zelenko would call it. Let’s keep reminding the elected officials that they must represent freedom from all types of tyranny, including from coercion by medical theories.

  3. Of course they are leaving
    Many refused vaccination and decided to move to friendlier states or retire
    Others are sick of the anti police rhetoric that is permeating the politics and environment
    Their hands have been tied from doing their jobs it’s no wonder they decided to make a change of employment

  4. If they continue voting Democrat after they leave, they are guilty of hypocrisy in the first degree. @yapchik your comment is also true.