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Despite Resignation, Bennett Heavily Involved In Yamina Campaign

Alternate Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who announced last week that he is not running in the next elections, is still heavily involved with Yamina’s campaign behind the scenes, Kan News reported on Thursday morning.

According to the report, Ayelet Shaked, who now leads the party, consults with Bennett on everything related to the management of the campaign as well as the party’s operations.

Bennett was also involved when there was concern that some members of the party would split off and take the party’s funding with them, with Bennett holding talks behind the scenes on the matter.

Yamina sources confirmed Bennett’s involvement but a statement from Bennett’s office said: “Bennett decided not to run in the elections and he does not intend to take part in any campaign.”

Meanwhile, Shaked on Wednesday made her first public statement on the upcoming election, calling for cooperation and unity between rival political parties. “I believe that together we can establish a broad national government,’ she said. “Political rivals are not enemies.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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