TERROR ALERT: FBI Warns of Planned Attack at Texas Jewish Center


All formal Jewish gatherings, including shuls, in the San Antonio area were temporarily suspended on Friday and Shabbos following an FBI warning of a planned attack.

The Jewish Federation of San Antonio said in a statement that all shuls and organizations in the area have been briefed on the matter and that security personnel “are on the highest alert.”

The Jewish Federation further urged all community members to keep their eyes peeled for any suspicious activities and to call 911 immediately if such activity is observed.

The FBI has since stated that there is no longer a “known imminent threat” to the community.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Thank you so much FBI for protecting us!

    Protection is so easy nowadays, once upon a time, in order to protect a group of people, they had to send armed guards to make sure nothing happens. Now, they just close down all the religious gatherings in the area!

    Imagine one week they would announce that all churches (l’havdil) should cancel their Sunday gatherings due to a potential threat!

  2. “The FBI has since stated that there is no longer a “known imminent threat” to the community”
    Just like that. No explanations? Any arrests made? Is this how the FBI operates?

  3. unlikely place for an attack…..Biden is moving the jungle around it seems…..the smallest population of jews and the greatest of Mexicans, Muslims , Hindu’s….everything but what is needed…