Update on Fatal Jerusalem Gas Explosion


ywnisrael.israelA couple in their thirties was killed along with a toddler R”L in the early morning gas explosion on Shabtai Hanegbi Street in the Gilo neighborhood of the southern capital.

Based on preliminary findings, investigators are pointing to human error as the cause of the tragic blast. The Super Gas Company technician arrived on the scene at 10 PM after residents called complaining of a strong smell of gas. The technician explained he was not able to complete the repair, which would be completed the following day. He closed a valve, which Israel Radio reports state was likely the incorrect valve, leading to the explosion that rocked the community shortly before 1 AM. Police posit he closed the gas valve to the apartment, but not to the building, which has a central gas system.

A number of apartments were destroyed while the windows of many others were shattered, along with windows of cars parked in the area.

10:00 AM IL: Killed in the blast was a couple and their 11-month-old child. Eleven other people were injured.

10:20 AM IL: The technician was called and responded to the building twice, once at 10 PM as reported and a second time shortly before the blast. He closed a number of valves, of the apartment where the blast occurred and others, but he told neighbors he did not find a leak. He explained the closing of the valves was a precautionary move and that technicians would return on Monday to address the gas odor in the area.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. hi i am new here but before you right an article please get the right information, the couple was older then 30 years of age and the baby was 2 years old thank you very sad news bde 🙁