WATCH: B’Chasdei Hashem, Critically Injured Elad Terror Victim Returns Home

Shai Ben-Shlomo, who was critically injured in the Elad terror attack, returns home after three months. (Photo: Ariel Elharar Twitter)

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Shai Ben-Shlomo, who was hospitalized in critical condition after the Elad terrorists cracked his head open with an axe, was released to his home on Thursday after three months of hospitalization and rehabilitation.

Doctors initially did not know if he could ever recover, and if he did recover, if he could return to normal functioning, but b’Chasdhei Hashem, he is completely healthy now.

At the time of the attack, Ben-Shlomo, 38, was at the public park with four of his children when the terrorists attacked him with the ax, leaving him with serious head wounds, as his children screamed and wailed and his blood sprayed on them. His children were not physically harmed.

Ben-Shlomo’s brother-in-law, Natanel Yakubov, said at the time: “Even as he endured fatal blows, he tried to cause his children as little tzaar as possible. With his head cracked open, terrible wounds on his body and only half-conscious, he took his children to the side, hid them, protected them – and collapsed. Since then, my sweet nephews wake up with nightmares at night, my sister cries endlessly. All I see is depression, weeping and tzaa’r. They ruined our lives.”

Yakubov continued: “All day I think to myself – how were they able to hack his head with his small children watching? How will these children recover?”

“Will Shai be able to function again? How will the family ever function again?”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)