READ IT: Search Warrant Says Trump Being Investigated for Espionage Act Violations, Obstruction of Justice

(AP Photo/Joe Maiorana, File)

Former President Donald Trump is being investigated by the FBI for potential violations of the Espionage Act and possible obstruction of justice, according to the search warrant used by FBI agents to search Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate on Monday.

The warrant also shows that Trump is being probed for removal or destruction of records. Conviction of any of the aforementioned crimes is subject to imprisonment and/or fines.

A receipt accompanying the warrant also shows that the FBI agents took 11 boxes of documents from Mar-a-Lago, including documents marked “TS/SCI” – the highest level of classification. Earlier reports stated that the FBI had taken documents relating to U.S. nuclear secrets.

The Wall Street Journal reported that FBI agents had removed about 20 boxes from Mar-a-Lago, including binders, classified materials, photographs and at least one handwritten note. Agents took one set of TS/SCI documents, three sets of “secret” documents, and three sets of “confidential” documents, according to the report.

In a post to Truth Social responding to news reports detailing the contents of the search warrant, Trump wrote: “Number one, it was all declassified. Number two, they didn’t have to “seize” anything. They could have had it anytime they wanted without playing politics and breaking into Mar-a-Lago. It was in secured storage, with an additional lock put on as per their request.”

“They could have had it anytime they wanted – and that includes LONG ago,” he continued. “ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS ASK. The bigger problem is, what are they going to do with the 33 million pages of documents, many of which are classified, that President Obama took to Chicago?”

The National Archives put out a statement Friday saying that all documents taken to Chicago by former President Obama were taken with their supervision and that he is following all protocols and procedures.


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  1. Whatever spin he might want to have given to the degree of classificaiton of the documents taken, WHY would his lawyers allow him to make such a stupid comment that Obama “took to Chicago”. As dumb as HE may be, his lawyers obviously know that the Obama documents were and continue to be under the control of the National Archives in a secured facility in Chicago while undergoing long-term review of their classification for future inclusion in a Presidential Library. The Obamas are living in DC and did not “take” these documents from the WH.

  2. He was spying for ….

    What crime did he obstruct?

    And that doesn’t even take into account that since the decision of classification of documents is up to the executive branch, the President can declassify to his heart’s content since the Constitution vests all the executive powers in the president.

    If the Democrats lose control of the judiciary, whomever asked for the search warrant (which has to be under oath) may face perjury charges.

  3. all garland did with this release is to prove what everyone thought that it was political

    espionage.. hes a foreign agent of russia hes colluding with russia sounds familiar

  4. BTW: Putting aside the question of whether some of these documents were properly declassified prior to Trump leaving office, there are a number of types of NUCLEAR -related documents that pursuant to statute, can NOT be document by anyone, including the President.

  5. The whole country knows , the bottom line is – the Dems want him not to run in 2024. The withc hunt will never end. If this doesn’t work they will attempt some thing else real soon. My question is though… if trump does not run .. how will the Dems survive ??? They talk about trump all day. All night.
    I hope we have a trump 2024 ! Get this country back in order !!

  6. Can anyone explain why he took all these boxes of documents to Florida and why all weren’t returned after the initial subpoena? There a complex process to declassify documents and the status is stamped on each page when declassified.

  7. Correction: there are a number of types of NUCLEAR -related documents that pursuant to statute, can NOT be declassified by anyone, including the President.

  8. I hope the liberals keep voting DemocRATs especially in manhattan. I shep nachos how they will continue to get punched and looted because DA Bragg won’t prosecute criminals. You voted for them you deserve it.

  9. This proves that Rats will undermine and weaponize anything at their disposal to cut his chances of running again.
    So the question is what is under their complete control.
    Well they just doubled the budget for IRS “AGENTS”and have put out advertisements for ARMED AGENTS WHO ARE COMFORTABLE WITH USING WEPONS TO APPLY. ( We remember what Hillary did with IRS.

    Now we see that DOJ (department of justice ) and FBI are in the Rats pocket with a new SPENDING BILL That has and will continue to weaponize anything to take away power from people and make sure we are subservient citizens.

    For that reason alone I have switched my vote to Trump and anything with R next to their names and urge EVERYONE TO DO THE SAME.
    They waisted 4 years of Trump’s presidency with hoax after made up accusations. Enough of Soros. Enough of Chuckie, Nadler, Pelosi, Omar, Rashid, AOC, and the worst of them all THE SCUM BAG OF CENTURY Shifty shift.

  10. The process to declassify a document is not complicated at all. One way is verbally with one witness. That could be the person packing the boxes or a host of other people. The other way is to put it in writing. In October of 2020 Trump put it in writing that he was declassifying all documents related to Russiagate and all documents related to Hillary Clintons emails and private server. There were other things he declassified later. The only thing a president does not have the power to declassify is the name of spies and nuclear SECRETS. Not simply nuclear information, but NUCLEAR secrets. Example would be that there was a program in 2007 by the BBC Called Spies, Lies, and the Superbomb that discussed things that come out of DC and other places. That is nuclear info and not nuclear secrets. Or Newsweek had an article titled Americans Nuclear Secrets, but of course it wasn’t a secret, but info. Even if nuclear info is classified it would need to be a nuclear secret in order to stop the president from declassifying it. Another note, someone above talked about the difficult process of declassification. Not true. Not only can it be done verbally or in writing, “ The official documents governing classification and declassification stem from executive orders. But even these executive orders aren’t necessarily binding on the president. The president is not “obliged to follow any procedures other than those that he himself has prescribed,” Aftergood said. “And he can change those.”

    Indeed, the controlling executive order has been rewritten by multiple presidents. The current version of the order was issued by President Barack Obama in 2009.”

  11. A lawyer for trump sent a letter to DOJ that there were no more classified documents at the palatial country club. LIE.
    For all the ridiculous defenders of this immoral gangster, change the name of this EXACT SITUATION to Obama, Bush, Hillary or Lincoln, what would you screaming?

  12. So, the other day the laughable lunacy, and dangerous, assertion was that the FBI ” planted the evidence”, why didn’t they just “tell the truth” and say it was all declassified. Liars! Immoral! Traitors!

  13. Yawn……thankfully I am not an American and never will be one….Trump will get his chance, I hope when he does….Orange will be the favorite color of all we see in the Democrats filing to jails across the country____your worried about this when some nut case Arab guns down a family in Jerusalem last night…thanks Biden…

  14. SaraRifka: Get some help. No one I know is “worried” about Trump going to jail for violating espionage and national security laws. More likely they would just take away his keys to his cellphone and passport. In any event why do you think there is any linkage between Trump’s latest meshugaas and the tragic terrorist attack earlier today near the kosel. The only linkages to Trump and terrorism are the anti-semitic rants and threats of violence against a Jewish magistrate in Florida who signed the search warant and one of Trump’s fanatics in Ohio in attacked an FBI office and was quickly neutralized.

  15. HateCommunism: I invited over some of my closest commie friends (actually two of them are Trotskyites). We formed a circle, held hands and slowly repeated over 100 times “I love Biden”. Just as we reached the 107th repetition, we heard this thundering voice from shamayim echoing our cries saying “Baruch Brandon”.