THUMBS UP: Majority of Americans Approve of FBI’s Raid on Mar-a-Lago


A majority of Americans now say they approve of the FBI’s unprecedented raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, with 52% giving the DOJ a thumbs-up over the search – up from 49% who approved of the raid last week.

There has been a wide-ranging public campaign to smear the judge who signed off on the warrant, the Justice Department, FBI, and Attorney General Merrick Garland over the executed search warrant, but that campaign has done little to sway public opinion on the matter.

While 52% approve of the raid, just 37% say they disapprove of it, according to the poll conducted by Politico/Morning Consult. Another 10% said they either have no opinion or “don’t know.”

Last week, 49% said they approve of the move, with 37% disapproving, so the raid’s approval has gone up by 3% while those who disapprove of it have remained flat.

Among independents, the numbers are even starker. Last week, 47% of independents said they approved of the FBI raid, with 33% disapproving. This week, 51% of independents said they approve of the search, with just 29% disapproving.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. “Majority “ who did you poll?? Only libs??
    All the hundreds of people I asked did NOT approve ! I’m gonna stick with real news sites !

  2. YWN is loosing more and more respect by the day. They didn’t even write who conducted the poll!
    In this case anyway you don’t need to see who did it to know it’s totally totally fake and manipulated.
    And YWN is buying it and reselling without even quoting anyone else. Amazing…

  3. Yankelah: Get our of your echo chamber and talk to some normal people other than Trumpkopfs. The Politico polling firms is a reputable outfit that works for both D’s and Rs. The results reported here were also mentioned on Fox News, that radical left-wing media organization.

    The results are not really surprising and reflect the current split in American politics on just about any issues. Most voters know that even an ex-President doesn’t have the right to “take” boxes of NDI information, even if you somehow think you “declassified” them in your head. Even after this so-called “declassification”, the documents don’t belong to you. They are the property of the National Archives and an ex-President has certain rights to control the timing of their public disclosure but the Archives retains physical custody. The question is the real national security threat posed by Trump having NDI materials at his country club w/o authorization and if the DOJ should have found another way of obtaining their return. It appears they’ve been negotiating for several months and the Trumpkopf lawyers blatantly lied about whether they even existed.

  4. Where is this poll from? The article does not say. I cannot believe that ywn conducted this poll. And I did not see it on politico MDshweks suggested . Maybe you can provide a link? I searched the internet and did not find at all.

  5. FYI: The Politico poll referenced in the article was done by the firm of Morning Consult, a high-tech data intelligence company whose clients include many of the largest banks, service companies and media companies spanning the political spectrum. For this survey, they have been using a random sample of over 2000 individuals randomly selected w/o regard to political affiliations with an error rate of plus/minus 2 percent. The poll results are updated frequently. The outcome generally mirrors the division on most current political issues across the country regardless of who does the polling and is no surprise. Obviously, if you conducted a poll at the recent CPAC or Turning Point conferences you would likely get 90+% who believed the raid was politically motivated and likewise supported in a poll conducted at one of the progressive DNC meetings.

  6. I keep looking on politico and only find a poll that is a week old. On the other hand, I see a pole on Rasmussen which, while not the same, points in a very different direction. I believe that Rasmussen was the most accurate poll for the past elections. Here is the link.

    Would you please provide the link to the politico poll? Thanks.

  7. Note that the only poll consistently cited by Trump is Rasmussen who was once a highly respected pollster but now leans towards the right and gets much of his business from Republican PACs etc. There are also equally reliable Democratic leaning pollsters. Aside from implicit biases, they all suffer from the same structural issues (e.g. large percentage of the population relies on cellphone which are difficult to “randomly select” and younger voters tend to block calls from polling firms on any issue.

  8. First, a sad day when we discuss polling got an FBI raid. It is a scary argument that may eventually lead to – see this raid or arrest is okay because it is popular .. time to move to Venezuela..

    On a technical note, polls of random people is of interest to newspapers, you need to narrow to citizens, then registered voters – this is often quoted, then the real one: likely voters. The last category is least biased, usually 2 percent toward Dems, registered another 5

  9. If this is true, USA as a country is well on its way to become a “banana republic”.
    Rulling party is being protected by its “justice system” while the opposition prosecuted!
    Tell me one example where this ends well for the Jews?

  10. @rt you are the only fascist here. And by supporting the enemies of Hashem you have the din of a rodef. One would be halachically obligated to throw you into a pit and forbidden to rescue you. You are an outcast and by supporting the democrat party you actively forfeited your Jewishness (assuming you were one to begin with). You are a renegade. Live with it.

  11. 1005 Aydut sheker.
    Fake Media – 2022 Brandon fake election, Trump lynching; Jan 6 “insurrection”, Shukrona; Corona death shots, Shukraina; fake yid Zelenski, Hunter & Pelosi’s immunity – when will frum yidden wake up to CIA/FBI/CDC/FDA/ State Dept.s dictate USA’s Ulma d’ shikra??

  12. I think based on the comments here, The overwhelming majority of the readers on this site believe the raid was just another politicized way to attack Trump and the approval ratings of this site are going down….

    YWN all your articles are going to be around for many years to come. Look back at all your Anti Trump posts over last 5 years and maybe learn some lesson not to be so biased? You end up looking quite foolish… To date nothing they said about him was proven to be true and they ended up being caught in lies and conspiracy. Wake up to the real world that most of your readers are living in now . You are simply not with the times… Not very many people are so dumb and don’t see the truth.