Russian-Jewish Politician Jailed For Comparing Stalin To Hitler

Leonid Gozman walks escorted by a police officer in Moscow, July 25, 2022. (AP/Alec Sander)

A Moscow court on Tuesday handed a 15-day prison sentence to a Jewish politician who drew parallels between Soviet dictator Josef Stalin’s regime and Nazi Germany.

Leonid Gozman, 72, who also holds Israeli citizenship, was sentenced for his 2020 Facebook post, in which he mocked the Russian legislation that banned likening the Soviet Union to Nazi Germany, saying that “it’s wrong to put an equal mark between them — Hitler was an absolute evil and Stalin even worse.”

On Tuesday, Moscow’s Tverskoy District Court ruled that Gozman’s remark violated the law.

Gozman, a vocal critic of the Kremlin’s campaign in Ukraine, left Russia when it started but returned in June in what he has described as a “moral” choice.

The Russian Justice Ministry has listed him as a “foreign agent,” a description that carries a strong pejorative meaning and implies additional government scrutiny.

He was briefly detained by police in July after the Russian Interior Ministry issued a warrant for his arrest while investigating a criminal case against him.

Gozman was accused of breaching the law that requires Russian citizens to notify authorities about a foreign citizenship or a residency permit. Gozman said he notified the authorities about his Israeli citizenship but they claimed that he failed to do so within the required time.

The investigation in that case is still ongoing and Gozman could be sentenced to a fine or community work if found guilty.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem & AP)


  1. What he said was nothing but the truth. There is no moral difference between communism and nazism, between Stalin (or Mao and Pol Pot) and Hitler, or between the USSR and the Third Reich.

  2. well…I hope he comes home after his stint in Jail….not a long stint one that is meant to tickle our hearts……All Jews should be in Israel period……then we can deal with the fall out and diminish those who disrespect our Creator

  3. Truth being truth, Stalin and his henchmen also hated the Jews. Stalin kill millions Jews and non Jews by putting them in Siberia and giving them little food, little clothing and working them like slaves. Plus he also had shooting squads killing many.

    There is a point of comparison!