At Least 70 Jews Killed In Ukraine Since Russian Invasion Began

Clockwise from top left: An injured Ukrainian brought to Israel for treatment. (Photo: Shaarei Tzedek Hospital); Israeli medical clown Gad Nevo with Ukrainian refugees on the border. (Channel 12 News screenshot); A group of Ukrainians travel to Poland before immigrating to Israel, on February 26, 2022. ( (Jewish Agency); A group of Ukrainians travel from Lviv, Ukraine, to Poland in a complex rescue operation. (Photo: Jewish Agency)

The war in Ukraine has been raging for over six months and the hostilities have taken a heavy toll on the Jewish population in the country.

At least 70 Jews lost their lives in the war, according to an estimate by the Federation of Jewish Communities in Ukraine (FJCU). About a third of the casualties were killed in Mariupol and the rest in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Bucha as well as Jewish soldiers on the battlefield.

Four hundred Jews were wounded since the war began and about 50,000 Jews were uprooted from their homes. At least 150 Jewish families lost their homes in Russian strikes. Additionally, out of Ukraine’s 180 Jewish communities, 27 of them are now living under Russian occupation.

Since the beginning of the war, the federation, together with other Jewish and Israeli bodies and organizations, has been involved in rescuing Jews from the cities on the front into the interior of the country and across the borders into neighboring countries. “We rescued 35,198 residents – most of them Jewish – from 322 locations throughout Ukraine, in close coordination with the Ukrainian army,” said Alina Teplitsky, the director of the FJCU.

“Most of the people we rescued are Jewish, but we helped everyone who asked, also non-Jews – we saved as many lives as we could. The rescue operations, some of which were very complex and life-threatening, were carried out using trains, on which we paid for all the seats, buses, and taxis.”

Rav Rafael Rotman of the federation said: “Every month we deliver food packages to 36,000 families via 180 distribution centers throughout Ukraine. Non-Jewish families who contact us also receive assistance. The cost of each package is about 100 euros and includes 4 boxes with water, hygiene products such as soap, shampoo, and even detergent, fish, oil, flour, canned goods, sugar, salt, honey, coffee, tea, and other basic products. About 900 tons of products are packed by our hundreds of volunteers and employees and sent by trucks all over the country.”

The cost of the operation has so far reached $21 million, most of which has been spent on humanitarian aid, a considerable amount on rescue operations, as well as maintenance of refugee camps.

Chabad shaliach and chairman of the federation Rav Meir Stambler added: “This isn’t a time when we’re worrying about costs and financial calculations but rather saving lives – and every minute is critical. The Rabbanim, Chabad shlichim, and federation employees are busy 24/7 and the humanitarian situation is getting worse. The worst part right now is that the world is gradually starting to forget what we’re going through here and the news from Ukraine is being pushed to the sidelines. We daven that peace will come soon and that the nevuah will be fulfilled ‘and they shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.'”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. In Nazi Banderovcy controlled Poland & Ukraine fascists tortured & murdered Jews by the millions. Why is ywn trying to rewrite history like CNN ??

  2. 70 Jews in six months. Compared to the last full scale war in Europe, we are doing quite well. That’s under the average number of Jews who died in an hour during World War II.

  3. You have no idea who they count as Jews. In terms of Aliyah, if your paternal grandfather is a Jew you are a Jew. Even if you are not. The Eretz HaKodesh is flourishing with Ukrainian Orthodox churches.

  4. First of all, they had since early 90’s time to get out. They didn’t!
    Second, Jews shouldn’t be in Ukraine to begin with.
    Third, the ONLY time they identified as “Jewish” is when they wanna get out and move to Israel!
    Vast majority of them are about as Jewish as Obama!

  5. There is a nearby discussion whether it is ok to compare kids going to public school with 9 11 and here is the attitudes towards actual niftarim for their great grandparents sin/tragedy of being stuck in Ukraine after Russian revolution and surviving shoah there?! Is it just because their shtetls are too far away from queens that you can’t empathize?

  6. When Jews were killed in ottoman Damascus in 19th century, European Jews tried to save them. Now the only thing we care about a far away place is hotel to rent near kevurot