Feiglin to the PM: Instead of Arguing – Take it to a Referendum


feig.jpgManhigut Yehudit leader MK (Likud) Moshe Feiglin feels “the friction between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Minister Bennett is ridiculous.”

Feiglin writes that Justice Minister Livni has already stated from the Knesset podium that she is negotiating on the future of Jerusalem, and it is already clear that in actuality the prime minister has turned over control of Har Habayis to the Jordanians. “In short they are negotiating everything and just like Begin and Sharon, in the end Netanyahu will give it all away”.

From Feiglin’s perspective, instead of the “hand flexing” between the PM’s Bureau and Minister Bennett, the matter can be resolved with a national referendum.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)