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Lee Zeldin, Jewish Community Leaders to Address Rampant Antisemitic Attackers Going Unpunished

Republican New York gubernatorial nominee Lee Zeldin will on Friday join Jewish community leaders and hate crime victims outside the Jewish Children’s Museum, to discuss the disturbing reality of rampant antisemitic crimes in NYC and the more troubling fact that the perps are not facing justice.

Zeldin, currently representing NY-1 in the House of Representatives, is the co-chair of the House Republican Israel Caucus and one of two Jewish Republicans in Congress. He will be joined by local Jewish Community leaders to speak out against the recent violent antisemitic attacks, the spread of antisemitic hate throughout New York and the lack of
serious consequences and punishment for those who commit hate crimes against
Jewish New Yorkers.

A recent report from Americans Against Antisemitism details that of the hundreds of
hate crimes committed against Jewish New Yorkers since 2018, only one of the
offenders has served even a single day in prison. New York State led the entire nation
in antisemitic incidents in 2021, and in the span of less than two weeks in May, there
were three antisemitic assaults in Brooklyn alone.

The most gruesome incident came at the corner of Utica Avenue and President Street, where a young Rabbi was punched and kicked in the head, had antisemitic slurs shouted at him, and was forced to go to the hospital due to his injuries.

Additionally, in July, a leader in the Jewish community was violently attacked in Crown Heights in front of his young son.

The press conference will take place at 11:45 am on Friday at the Jewish Children’s Museum, 792 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Yet again another lip service from another political wana be.
    Anti Jewish hate is not the same as anti Islam hate it Asian hate. The Jewish politicians who rule over in NYC and State are themselves Jew haters, but that is tolerated by mega frum community and their influence.
    I wonder what self Intreast is there greater than Rebbe’s staying silent in face of their people getting hit?

    What’s behind the silent.?
    Section 8 housing?
    Tax favors?
    Photo Op’s?
    Why the leaders are silent?

    They should be made to pay by excommunication or beis din enact sekila each time a Jew gets hurt in any shape or form and they are silent and hide in their Rat hole.

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