Suspect Arrested In Attack Of Yeshivah Bochur In Tel Aviv


Israel Police on Tuesday morning arrested a suspect in the unprovoked attack of a yeshivah bochur on a Tel Aviv street on Friday.

The suspect, a 26-year-old resident of Pardes Chana, was transferred for questioning.

Levi Blau, the bochur who was knocked down, said: “We went to lay tefillin on our regular route like we do every Friday. The man appeared suddenly, threw me to the floor, shouted something unclear, and disappeared. We were in complete shock. After a minute we recovered and started running after him but he had already disappeared.”

Following the dissemination of the video on Monday, UTJ MK Yitzchak Goldknopf sent an urgent letter to the Tel Aviv district police commander requesting that he take a personal interest case in the case and work quickly to locate the culprit and bring him to justice.

In the letter, Goldknopf claimed that the attack was the result of incitement against the Chareidi public by irresponsible parties.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I watched the original video a few times. Maybe the guy bumped into the yeshiva guy because the yeshiva guy looked like he was walking with his head down and didn’t see the guy. The unclear shout from the guy could have been “watch where you are going”.

  2. I suggest that everybody watch the video before commenting. CircleSteve commented before and it is obvious this guy seems unqualified to safely walk on a sidewalk. I do not condone the violent behavior but neither can I consider it unprovoked.

  3. Three of them were taking whole road and the middle one was looking down. Seems that the rude guy was forced to get off the road to avoid collision and decided to teach them a lesson instead. I am sure the rude guy will be charged. At the same time, the bochur should come clean, explain what he did wrong, and try to look at the same people he is trying to help in ruchanyut. Maybe an extra exam in bava kamma should be instituted in the yeshiva.

  4. In (partial) defense of the bochur, he seems not to even realize what was happening as he did not see it. He only knows that he was suddenly hit. Maybe he walks like this by himself and people walk around him. Now, when there were three of them, they became a bigger obstacle. He should be shown the video.

  5. To CircleSteve and ShloimieB I don’t know which video you watched The video I’m looking at shows the chiloni deliberately walking into the path of the bocher.

  6. Honestly, the bachor assaults him first. The bachor walks straight into him without watching where he is walking. The man pushes the bachor away in order to avoid being assaulted. In all seriousness, I could hear a solid self-defense argument, even if the initial assault was not so violent and did not risk significant damage.

  7. The baldie deliberately walks into young Levi and then gestures without helping him up.
    He might have been having a bad day or wanting to feel tough.
    Either way, he’s a lowlife.

  8. Bald man had full vision to move violently pushed. Nasty person. Definitely has martial art skills. Bachur simply put a Bachur. No intentions of harm. Baldy a BULLY

  9. 1. How about not walking with your face in your phone, while covering the entire breadth of the sidewalk?
    2. How about saying-“Watch where you’re going, instead of watching your damn phone?”
    Either one would’ve prevented the incident!