Poll Shows Bennett Gains Popularity


benA poll commissioned by the Knesset Channel conducted on Wednesday, 28 Shevat 5774 shows Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett has gained popularity among voters following a recent poll that showed his popularity was waning. The poll shows that the dati leumi party which currently has 12 seats would move up to 17 seats if elections were held today.

The Panels Politics poll shows that Likud would lose a seat and find itself with 30 seats instead of its current 31.

It should be pointed out that the poll began at 16:00, with the new focusing on the ultimatum given by the Prime Minister’s Office to Bennett to apologize for insulting the prime minister or be dismissed from the cabinet.

Poll Results if Elections were Held Today (alphabetical order)

Arab parties (11 current) 11

Bayit Yehudi (12) 17

Kadima (2) 0

Labor (15) 19

Likud (31) 30

Meretz (6) 11

Shas (11) 7

The Movement (6) 4

Yesh Atid (19) 12

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)