Gov. Kathy Hochul Announces Upcoming Visit To Israel, Calling It An “Extraordinary” Country


Governor Kathy Hochul announced on Monday that she will be traveling to Israel in the coming months to lead a trade mission and to strengthen the alliance between the state of New York and the Jewish State.

“I hope to have a visit with you,” Hochul said in a speech at the Jerusalem Post conference. “I’m not going to announce any dates, but I’m coming.”

The governor said that her 87-year-old father who is Irish Catholic wanted to go to Israel before he died and she told him after he went that she will be going as well. “He made sure that he wanted all of his children to experience really the spiritual awakening that occurs when you go to this unique place that is like no others on this planet.”

Last year, Hochul planned to take her family to Israel on Thanksgiving but she had to cancel it after she became governor.

In the speech, which was met with applause, Hochul said she gets “to brag about the fact that New York is the home to more Jews outside of Israel.”

Hochul called Israel “extraordinary” and said she is “committed to the security of Israel because you have to survive and thrive. Because otherwise, we have lost this beacon of hope, this beacon of democracy that is a shining light to other countries around the world of what can be done, what can rise up out of adversity when people pull together.”

At the conference Hochul also met with Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz, who is head of the National Unity Party.

The governor also addressed the rise in antisemtism and highlighted her commitment to fight hate in all forms, incldhing social media messages targeting Jews and Israel. “We have to stand together, my friends, united as two countries, and certainly the State of New York with Israel, to call it out, ferret out, identify the people who are perpetrating these messages before it does any further damage” she said. “I have the State Police dedicated, as we triple the size of our task force monitoring all these messages.”

Hochul has consistently led in all public opinion polls against Republican gubernatorial nominee Lee Zeldin. A recent Emerson College-Pix11 poll, which accurately predicted the competitive congressional primaries last month, showed Hochul with a commanding 15-point lead over Zeldin. A new poll released today by Public Policy Polling had Hochul up 54-39 over Zeldin.


  1. Hochul said she gets “to brag about the fact that New York is the home to more Jews outside of Israel.”

    Many Jews, and others, are exiting for Miami and other regions out of NYS. Hochul is soft on crime, doing nothing to deter NYC DA Alvin Bragg and others from selectively enforcing NYS’s criminal statutes, and supporting a ‘no-cash’ bail system that encourages crime. She is also superstitious about vaccine theory and the covid narrative, which has hurt the health and economy of NY citizens and workers in untold amounts. These views have also jeopardized the health freedoms of many, with her ‘no jab, no job’ approach that ‘the c19 shot is safe and efficacious because we say so’, and the same with vaccines – a matter that is hotly contested, yet this has forced NYS children to legally only be entitled to home schooling if their parents or guardians choose not to have them ‘vexxinated’. It has also forced many to become unemployed. She is also suspect for many state financial contracts that enriched her own family and others close to her, and is also a patsy for big pharma and many other liberal democratic shenanigans.

    It would truly be redemptive if Israel would be a better example and respect the covid data which might somehow encourage Mrs. Hochul to actually think about some of these matters more level-headedly.

    Hochul has consistently led in all public opinion polls against Republican gubernatorial nominee Lee Zeldin.

    These polls typically don’t seek out ‘likely voters’ but rather ‘registered voters’, and skew their interviews toward democrats. They may tend to ‘predict’ many outcomes this way, because people tend to follow whatever they hear, but many who hone down on the issues, will find Hochul to be shallow and unworthy of this public office. Significant campaign funding for candidates is also based on polling results and this is typically used as leverage by polling firms when choosing ‘like minded’ voters that can support funding for the incumbent, and exclude popular and probably usurpers this way.