SCAM ALERT: Flatbush Shomrim Warns Residents of New Brazen Fraud Attempt [VIDEO]


Flatbush Shomrim is warning residents of a brazen new scam in which people come knocking directly at your door and claim to be city workers attempting to prevent scams, all in an attempt to get hold of personal and sensitive information they can then exploit.

Shomrim said they responded to an incident in which a scammer showed up to a resident’s door with one of the inhabitant’s name and bank and proceeded to push for further information. The fraudster insisted that she was from NYC’s Department of Aging which she claimed was notified by the bank about suspicious activity on the resident’s associated account.

In the video below, when asked for identification, the scammer said she had left it in her vehicle, and kept pushing for the woman to open the door.

Flatbush Shomrim reached out to NYC’s Department of Aging, which confirmed that no such program exists and that the incident was indeed a scam.

Shomrim is now alerting residents of Flatbush and beyond to never allow an unidentified person into her home, even if they’re claiming to be helping you and has some of your personal information. This is of particular concern with elderly citizens, who are the specific targets in this scam operation.

Please call the Flatbush Shomrim 24 hours emergency hotline if you see anything suspicious at 718-338-9797.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Lol, it IS convincing!
    I’m like, she sounds EXACTLY like one of these agencies (who knows, maybe she DOES work for one, and therefore knows how to talk like one!).
    People just have to be aware that any weird thing must be INDEPENDENTLY verified, and to panic ans speak to someone who randomly calls in to “help”.

  2. She looks like a big fat black pig to me. Why would you tell her anything?
    I think the homeowner was great. I bet the detectives at the local precinct recognize this pig. But they won’t do anything.

  3. She sounds very slick to me. She is probably looking for shut ins living alone who are much more vulnerable. Once she saw that was not the case she took steps to avoid triggering a fraud alert. In that she was not successful.