OU and RCA Repudiate Statement by Israeli Rabbinic Group Denouncing John Kerry


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kerbiToday, the leaderships of the Rabbinical Council of America, the largest Orthodox Jewish rabbinical organization in the United States, and the Orthodox Union, the largest Orthodox Jewish umbrella organization in the United States, issued the following statement:

“It has been reported that a group of rabbis in Israel calling themselves ‘The Committee to Save the Land and People of Israel’ has issued a letter denouncing Secretary of State John Kerry and his Israeli – Palestinian peace process efforts. The reports indicate that in the letter these rabbis engaged in extreme and offensive rhetoric, and seem to arrogate to themselves unusual insight into the desires of the Almighty. The letter also claims these rabbis represent hundreds of other rabbis around the world.

“We, the leadership of the RCA and the OU, repudiate this letter and the rhetoric they have deployed. While the people of Israel and Jews around the world may properly possess serious concerns about proposals Secretary Kerry is putting forth, such concerns must only be expressed with civility and on the substance of the issues, not degenerating into personal venom and threats.

“We have personally engaged in discussions about these matters with Secretary Kerry and other Obama Administration officials, and while we may disagree with their views we have found no reason to question their intentions in pursuing this effort – which are to, as they see it, support the long term security and welfare of Israel, as well as the United States.

“The letter of the Committee to Save the Land and People of Israel may represent the views of its signators; it does not represent ours.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. This is really pathetic. Somehow the ou and the rca consider themselves the voice of American jews. When they live in Israel and send children to the army then perhaps they should consider talking. The bottom line is when they talk about the pure intentions of the administration, it is simply to stay in their good graces so that they can get funding for respective agendas. All the photops in the world dont change the fact that this administration does not have israels best interest in mind. So please stick to kashrus, and summer programs .

  2. The agudah should learn from these guys.They repudiate the harsh language with out sacrificing their general principal that Obama/Kerry are harmful.

  3. BH

    Agree with number 1, it should made clear to the Rabbis of the OU and of the RCA that the so called “golden rule, the one with the gold rules” is NOT the TORAH way, shame on all of us if these are the best leaders we could come up with, P’ney hador k’pney hakelev

  4. Commenter No. 1 has not read this article carefully. The OU and RCA did not purport to speak for anybody but themselves. As for the appropriateness of American Jews, or American gentiles, having opinions about Israel, the writer (apparently a Jewish Israeli) seems to forget that the State of Israel depends for its support, in part, on US money, the US military, and US influence around the world. Commenter No. 1 may not like US proposals or diplomacy, but if he/she is unwilling to hear US opinions, he/she is overlooking the importance of the US to the well-being of the State of Israel.

  5. RE: “we have found no reason to question their intentions in pursuing this effort – which are to, as they see it, support the long term security and welfare of Israel, as well as the United States.”

    Now i understand how the Holocaust could happen.

    While organizations like UO and RCA are busy putting kosher chechers of food packages they are feeding the rest of us with poisons and dangerous political lies.

  6. The OU and RCA are expressing the views of most American Jews….we may disagree with Secretary of State Kerry’s diplomatic strategy, we can do so in a civil manner. This ad hoc committee of second-tier rabbonim in EY who made these vile and hateful comments should be ignored and will hopefully be held accountable for their actions.

  7. I entirely agree with #1. I don’t understand why these organizations saw fit to respond all together. It pretty much reminds me the middle ages times – the appeasing dances in front of the Paritz. The people in Eretz Yisroel are fighting – bear handed – against the whole world, for their homes and land (which ultimately will be our homeland too) while handful of their brothers, on the other side of the ocean, feel they can teach them how to fight this critical battle!??? Why? Just because they represent two large institutions? I fully agree with the rabbis from Eretz Yisroel. The RCA and the OU do not represent my opinion in this regard

  8. Lets see how the system works.self proclaimed Jewish leaders bash the truth when its expedient. So if the new york post writes an article that touches the nerve center of the jewish community then we bash the new york post, and dont look at the real problem. when The united States throws israel under the bus, we bash israel. The ou , the rca and the agudah have one agenda , their own. Jewish people have lost their lives over the oslo accords,this is simply an extension of the stupidity illustrated in the oslo accords. I am not an israeli citizen, i am an american taxpayer, who does not want to see american dollars turned over to terrorists, but you can keep on in you dillusional thinking number 4. The fact is that the ou and Rca just through israeli citizens under the bus, and no spin is going to change that

  9. #4 American “support” only does harm. Israel had the best victories BEFORE any American ingtervention. Because of America and the leftists Israel was made to give up Sinai with all that oil.