SHOCK VIDEO: Elderly Chareidi Couple Toppled By Anti-Riot Water Cannon


An elderly Chareidi couple who was passing near a demonstration on Thursday was knocked to the ground by police aiming an anti-riot water cannon at them from only a few meters away.

In the video, the couple can be seen trying to take cover behind the wall of a gas station before they are hit by a powerful spray of water, knocking them to the ground.

The incident occurred as extremists blocked the entrance to Jerusalem during a protest over the arrest of an army deserter.

The journalist who posted the video, Bar Shem-Ur, wrote: “Disturbing police brutality. An elderly Chareidi couple happened to be near a protest on Thursday at the entrance to Jerusalem. (Buses were dropping off passengers there and you could see that they weren’t part of the protest.) The water cannon was sprayed at the head of a 70-year-old woman from a distance of only a few meters away and she fell and injured her hand. Simply a disgrace.”

Israel Police responded: “Last Thursday, the police acted to disperse disturbances and blockades of main roads in Jerusalem and the city entrance by rioters who caused damage to many of the city’s residents and visitors. From a preliminary inquiry, it appears that the water cannon was operated at the spot following a report received by the police about an attack on soldiers at the gas station near the protest by some of the demonstrators.”

“At the same time, it appears from the video that the use of the water cannon in this case requires a thorough investigation. The case will be examined and handled accordingly, and the procedures for the water cannon’s operation will be adjusted.”

According to a report on Monday, the Department for the Investigation of Police (DIP) opened an investigation into the case on Monday and the operator of the water cannon at the time of the incident has been suspended until the end of the investigation.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Disgusting behavior by the jerusalem police and zero justification. It would not surprise me one bit if the operator was either a Lieberman voter or more likely a mansour abbas voter. Shame on the police.

  2. It is the cost of a vibrant democracy. Some elderly couples must get hit in the face with blue slime cannons. It is a price I am willing to pay. I stand with the regime that appropriated the name Israel.

  3. Back in the ’70s during that exciting era of police vs. chareidim, especially the Shabbos hafganos on the Kvish Ramot when Teddy Kollack was mayor of J-m, much worse brutality was seen but never investigated. Light years of progress has been made!

  4. This viscous sprayer must be tied to a pole in public, and sprayed by this heavy water spray non-stop, for an entire month.

    Anything less than this, is an absolute total lack of justice

  5. The saddest part is that there is no Daas Torah who authorized these demonstrations. It’s a bunch of individuals who yield to no one and if innocent people get hurt, they could care less. Sad news stories!

  6. studying in israel i happened to observe some protests there in jerusalem, and in the beginning like many others i thought the police and their way of handling the situation is right.
    but then i got to see their BRUTAL side how they act to people, and then there is the part of the water spraying, which i am glad there is a clear video now of their careless behavior which happens at almost every protest where random people walking by the area get sprayed head to toe for the only sin of walking by on a usual busy street! while the actual protesters manage to escape the sprayer trucks route and when the driver feels like a fool he just gives out his energy on innocent people including elderly, women, and neighbors who are trying to make their way home on bar ilan or elsewhere. ITS TIME TO MAKE A STOP TO IT!!!

  7. Its disgusting how these stupid police can always get away with it I think an example should be made of this guy he should be stripped off his job.

  8. do yeshiva students go to these demonstrations with a permission? Are Roshei yeshivos there too?

    If not, then the demonstrators are responsible for all the damages to the bystanders and for the cost of sending police there. Mayor should press his claim in beisdin.

  9. “Disturbing police brutality”? “extremists”? You don’t even know what you are talking about.. sit in your ameritchka, go to costco and be quiet.. you are not a part of this conversation!