Judge Grants Hearing for Jewish Gun Group’s Lawsuit, Denies Temporary Restraining Order

(AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File)

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A judge has granted a request from the NYS Jewish Gun Club for a hearing on a preliminary injunction against New York’s law prohibiting guns inside shuls, but denied its request for a temporary restraining order (TRO) to stop the enforcement of the law until the hearing scheduled for October 28th.

“We look forward to winning our motion for a preliminary injunction, but we strongly disagree with the judge’s denial of our request for a TRO,” the group said. “The harm we suffer from the existence of this law is not “speculative and remote” at all, but immediate, real and substantial. The court’s refusal to immediately enjoin the law that makes it a felony to possess a firearm in a “place of worship or religious observation” is an affront to religious freedom that disrespects the reality of religiously observant people of all faiths.”

“We are ready for this fight and we are going to win this,” says Tzvi Waldman, founder of NYS Jewish Gun Club. “There is no reason that in America a religious person needs to be worried that if they are engaged in ‘religious observance’ while exercising a fundamental constitutional right they will be arrested for a felony.”

The order can be found at https://nysjgc.com/OSC1

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Love all, let it be spread, so that people will know, and do something about it. If it’s kept secret that doesn’t help anyone, and will get some people arrested because they didn’t know the law had changed in such a bad way.

    Yuda, no it is not assur at all. On the contrary, it is a mitzvah. A weapon is a machshir mitzvah for protecting people from danger; it is just the same as a Hatzolah member’s walkie-talkie or the defibrillators that have recently been installed in many shuls.