WATCH: Saved By His Hat: Dancing For Yeshiva Bochur Whose Life Was Spared


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A yeshivah bochur’s life was saved by his hat as the shrapnel that he found after the attack penetrated his hat rather than his head.

The bochur, a resident of Givat Zeev, attends Yeshivas Pinsk-Karlin.

After his life was saved, he davened Shacharis in a shul in Yerushalayim and afterward the mispallelim danced in honor of the neis he experienced.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I’m super happy that he is alive and unscratched and uninjured, but I think it’s a bit of a stretch to say that his life was saved because if the shrapnel couldn’t even penetrate his hat, who says it would have been anywhere near deadly?

  2. Wow! Was the hat made of kevlar? Or is it possible that the object which barely penetrated his felt hat wasn’t traveling with sufficient momentum (mass * velocity) to give him anything more than a small bruise on his head? If he were wearing a kippah srugah would that have been enough to stop it? Are we so hungry for nissim (and so oblivious to the nissim that happen to us throughout the day) that we need to begin with a position based on zero knowledge of physics and then contrive a solution to fit the problem? Why not simply say it was a neis that he was in the area and wasn’t harmed by the bomb? So tired of the shallow sensationalism…..

  3. The Bochur attends Yeshivas Stolin-Karlin . Givat Zeev is where the Stoliner Chasidim have a large community as the Rebbe himself lives there for many years .

  4. BaltimoreMaven, letsgetthisright, etc.

    C’mon, you think Achashveirosh would have really killed the Jews once he knew that his queen was Jewish? Of course not!
    What’s the whole Purim celebration about anyway?

    And kriyas yam suf? Ridiculous! Everyone with a vast knowledge of physics knows that every now and then the speed and direction of the wind causes seas to split.

    Can you REALLY prove that these were miracles? Pfff!

  5. Menachem Shmei: No, the sea doesn’t split, become walls of standing water, and instantaneously dry on the bottom. So that was an open neis, plain for the eye to see. Regarding Purim, that was a neis masked in teva. Chazal have the right to open our eyes to let us know when seemingly natural events should be connected and celebrated as nissim, as they did in megilas esther. But the article says “A yeshivah bochur’s life was saved by his hat” which is a baseless claim attempting to establish this event as a krias yam suf type neis which is plain to see. If it were a copper bullet fired at close range and was confirmed to be travelling at normal bullet speed and its trajectory was confirmed to be headed straight for the head and it suddenly stopped in the hat, I am all with you and I too would call it a neis.

  6. Ridiculous to think his hat had anything to do with saving his life. The fact is, a piece of shrapnel came very close to severely injuring or c”v killing him but HKB”H saved him. For that there is reason for joy in spite of the awful tragedy that took place.