Terror In Israel: Ramming Attack In Be’er Sheva Injures Teen [Videos]

Scene of the attack in Be'er Sheva. (MDA)

An Arab resident of the Bedouin-majority city of Rahat rammed into an 18-year-old Air Force student in Be’er Sheva on Thursday morning. The student was wearing his IAF uniform when he was struck.

Videos of the incident show the driver swerving onto the sidewalk, hitting the teen, and then speeding away in an attempt to flee the scene. However, police officers who were in the area pursued him and he was arrested minutes later.

The victim was treated by MDA paramedics at the scene and evacuated to Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva in moderate condition. A statement from the hospital said that he suffered from injuries to his limbs, and he was transferred for surgery after his condition was stabilized in the trauma unit.

A few days ago, the perpetrator, who has no prior criminal record, posted a threatening video online, claiming that he had been threatened by an armed Jew in Be’er Sheva. “Bedouins in Israel will give up their lives if Jews don’t respect them,” he said. “If you don’t respect us, you’ll suffer.” He also posted another video calling on Bedouins to prepare themselves for any threats.

A senior police official told Ynet: “It was deliberate but we’re still investigating whether it was nationalistically or criminally motivated. All angles are being investigated.”

After the suspect was interrogated by the Shin Bet, the police issued a statement on Thursday evening saying that the attack was a terror attack and the perpetrator will be facing terror charges.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. He was not wearing an IAF uniform; he was wearing the uniform worn by students attending the IAF high school. The uniforms are similar, but obviously not the same. This is not so far from where we live.