Orthodox Union Blasts Trump for Meeting with West, Fuentes

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

The Orthodox Union, the nation’s largest Orthodox Jewish umbrella organization, strongly criticized former President Trump for recently hosting Kanye West and Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-Lago. West and Fuentes have made a name for themselves as leaders in spreading vicious antisemitism. The association of a former president with such figures is extremely troubling.

Over the past few weeks, Kanye West, now referred to as “Ye,” has spread antisemitic conspiracy theories and tropes to his many followers and West’s tirades have incited other antisemitic acts in Los Angeles and Jacksonville, Florida. Nick Fuentes is an alt-right media personality who espouses white supremacism and denies the Holocaust. Since 2017, he has been hosting a livestream show called America First, where he regularly spouts dangerous and bigoted views.

The leadership of the Orthodox Union stated:

“The association of a former President of the United States with some of the most vicious antisemitic figures in this country is deeply worrisome. We call on former President Trump to condemn these individuals and cut ties with them and their associates. As a major public figure, Donald Trump has a responsibility to denounce hate in all of its forms and lead by example for his many followers. Anything less gives a stamp of approval to the world’s oldest hatred.

In the midst of an unprecedented rise in antisemitism in the United States, we call upon responsible leaders – especially those in the Republican Party – to speak up, as former U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman has, and be counted among those who explicitly reject antisemitism.

We call upon all people of good will to be vigilant in combating antisemitism whether it comes from the political right or left, from celebrities or any other segment of society.”


  1. The best move the OU could have practiced was שתיקה לחכם and remain in President Donald Trump’s good books, since there are more than enough other institutions taking good care of going after President Donald Trump on this saga

  2. To 147: Your proposal that the OU remain silent on this matter is utterly ridiculous. Every Jew, and every other decent human being, has a duty to speak out on this matter.

  3. No, Trump is treated so unfairly and treated to a different standard than any other president in history. Was Obama called out for his ties to Jeremiah Wright? Never! So tired of one sided politics.

  4. Why do yidden seem to have this obsession with trumpism? He was a good president at the time and had a good staff with a cooperating government body. He did however show poor judgment after he lost election and as yidden we need to understand that such a person is dangerous.

  5. Ok, just stop already! Almost all those of these people speaking pit against Trump were quiet in other more dangerous anti-Semitic incidents! It makes me mad. No, I would not vote for Trump because of his ego has blown to immense proprtions, but he was a good president for Jews and a good president for the US. He invites everyone who he thinks is an advantage to him. He presumably hates “Ye” by now for asking him to be his VP…Just stop already making a mountain out of a molehill,;it’s causing more anti-Semitism than Trump’s dinner did.

  6. Ccb45, how did Trump show poor judgement after elections? For pointing out the truth? When Hillary claimed elections were stolen no one seemed to care..How is he dangerous? Keeping peace for 4 years? Oh dangerous you mean Biden who got us in a war with Ukraine..

  7. Agreed with you, philosopher.
    I wouldn’t vote for Trump anymore either, but this flagrant harassment of him by Jewish organizations and media is not helping us one bit. You think these dumb articles and “Mailbag” letters trying to change the Jewish public’s opinion of him will sway any election one bit? We’re a tiny sliver of the population! All this accomplishes is to anger Trump supporters and make them into Jew-haters. But keep pressing – see what your stubborn arrogance does.

  8. Trump was not a good president. He undermined the peaceful transition of power. He sowed division and strife. He praised dictators and alienated our allies. He made China stronger, not weaker, by his short sited policies that had no long term strategic thought. His interests are only for himself.

    All those who cry about Trump being maligned said nothing when Trump trashed anybody and everybody who didn’t subscribe to his cult-of-personality.

    Conservatives can find another person who is more capable of leading and administrating the United States.

  9. Meeting someone doesn’t make someone a supporter. I don’t get why the Jewish groups are following the media in condemning him especially since Trump has been pro-Israel in such obvious ways