HORROR IN MONSEY: Child Critical After Major Crash Involving School Bus Into House, With Car Under Bus [UPDATED]


Monsey Hatzolah was at the scene of a serious bus-involved MVA on Southgate Drive in Spring Valley on Thursday morning.

Witnesses reported that the bus, operated by the Ribnitzer schools, slammed into a home and pinned a car underneath it. How the accident unfolded has not yet been fully determined, but bystanders state that the bus struck two parked cars and dragged them with it down a hill and into a home.

21 patients were extricated from the wreck and 9 were transported to nearby hospitals, including at least 5 to trauma centers, with 2 in serious condition. One child is in critical condition after a horrific school bus crash this morning as reported earlier on YWN. Please say Tehillim for Yehoshua Herschel ben Sasha (יהושע העשיל בן שאשע) who is undergoing emergency brain surgery, YWN has been informed. 

A massive law enforcement presence converged at the scene, with an investigation underway and expected to continue throughout the day. Rockland Chaveirim was also at the scene, assisting with traffic and other urgent matters.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Many roads in Monsey are single-lane, very narrow and with sharp curves, going around hills and valleys. These country roads were not built for high volumes of traffic driving at high speeds.

    People drive in Monsey at high speeds and with total disregard for safety.

    Most roads don’t have sidewalks for pedestrians.

    Monsey roads are NOT like the city roads!

    Many accidents were caused as a result. Yidden have died R”L as a result of such driving! One frum lady R”L died THIS WEEK in a hit and run!

    Will it take a frum yid to be arrested for reckless driving causing vehicular manslaughter?!

    We might as well start the pidyon shvuim fund because it is bound to happen very soon, Hashem Yerachem.

    (The preempted defence that “witnesses (with misguided good intentions) say the driver stopped and looked around for a while to see if he hit anything before driving off” – in the recent hit and run causing the death of a frum lady R”L – will be easily demolished in court once the driver is located and criminally charged)

    Young drivers and even older ones just breeze through stop signs, cut off other drivers, and pass a driver “only driving at speed limit” by crossing into the oncoming traffic lane. And when the drivers get a ticket – of course, it’s antisemitism!

    Nissim that there aren’t many more tragic accidents than those that already happen. How do we stop this madness, mazikim, sakonos nefoshos, and retzicha???

  2. There are new speed bumps on that street with not such good warning signs. It appears the bus didn’t notice the speed bump and lost control, thereby crashing into the house and taking two parked cars with him.

  3. From the Post article, it sounds like the driver moved away from his seat and forgot to set the brakes. It happens all the time with tractor trailer drivers.

  4. The 2 woman involved in the deadly Carlton Rd. accident in Monsey waited and searched the scene for a half hour and even stopped a passerby to help search. Until they were convinced that it must have been a deer they hit. Dark night and no reflectors. A rachmanus on all parties involved.
    The Goldeneh Rebbitzen should get her facts straight before commenting.
    A family member

  5. netzhachamah:
    You are 100% wrong. She is not talking about this particular case. She is talking in general. She is 100% right and its time to do something! Its not only monsey, its boro park, wiily etc. Yes us fruma Yidden. Just open your eyes next time when you are out on the street.

  6. Just A quick note to that pyscho maniac sounding lady Rebbitzen Goldenpickanicerscreenname. The driver in the tragic carlton accident was actually going 25mph in a 30mph so as the last commenter said, have your facts straight before commenting.

  7. The building of multifamily homes on every square inch of Monsey turf must stop. Although it is NOT an excuse, people get frustrated by the snarling traffic caused by over-development and drive in ways they shouldn’t.

  8. To netzhachamah and Seicha: For the sake of the yiddishe driver who caused the death if the frum woman R”L, I sincerely hope your facts are correct and more important, that the judge and jury believe it.

    Most accidents are avoidable if we all drive like mentchen and follow the rules of the road – which are there for everyone’s safety.

    When an “accident” happens, unfortunately it is often not an אונס but a פשיעה קרוב למזיד!

    The facts are we drive like משוגעים. This is not acceptable for an עם נבון וחכם.

    Especially when the narrow coutry roads of Monsey, that are dark, have sight limiting curve sharply and hills, we exibit the driving of a lunatic who is מפקיר את חייו וחיי חבריו.

  9. @Rebbitzen Goldenpickanicerscreenname You wont stop with your lunacy the more you talk the more ridiculous you sound. It can also be a Pshiah for someone to be walking on a street without any sidewalk and without any room for error because there’s no shoulder in the rain and darkness so its practically impossible to be seen. Especially given the fact she wasn’t wearing a reflector and she was walking towards the car!

  10. Okay wrote: “There are new speed bumps on that street with not such good warning signs. It appears the bus didn’t notice the speed bump and lost control…”

    Speed bumps are there to slow down speeders. If the vehicle is travelling at the correct speed and NOT SPEEDING, even if the warning sign isn’t seen, nothing would happen.

    But if one speeds like a meshuganer and doesn’t noticecthe speed bump, it ends in 9 yidishe heilige kinderlech taken to hospital, including children needing emergency brain surgery R”L.

    Those kids weren’t delivered to school on time – they were brought to the hospital and tehilim said for them! B”H NO LEVAYAS!

    That’s not okay by ANY standard.

    Enough driving like משוגעים!


  11. @rebbitzen, I don’t know if you are from the area, but those speed bumps which were just recently put into N Southgate and Fessler are not regular speed bumps. Even if you are only going 5mph you get banged up on them. Much more so if you are going the speed limit of 30mph. In fact the residents of the neighborhood have been complaining about them since they were put in for those specific reasons, the inadequate warnings and the style of the bump.

  12. Commonsaychel: Chaya is obviously referring to the Carlton Rd tragedy. As it happens, that neighborhood is not overbuilt with multi-family homes- at least, not yet! It is, however, a particularly dangerous stretch of road. Relatively narrow, sharply downhill from College Rd toward Spook Rock (uphill in the other direction, of course) with a tight blind curve along the way, it’s an accident waiting to happen. And happen, it does. I myself was in an accident there several years ago. B”h, no one was injured. The car, however, was another story.
    I do agree completely with Chaya on the overdevelopment of Monsey/ Spring Valley. Traffic has become quite nightmarish in many areas at several key times of day!

  13. RACHMANOS!!! Does anyone think before they write? These people have families and read this. Who are you to talk like that. Chas bshalok you should NEVER be tested. Thank you TEHILLIMFORALL. Hashem is screaming at us to do teshuva and you’re bashing each other? You’re missing the boat. Let Gd judge you just go about being the amazing yid you are. Hatzlacha u bracha

  14. @crarosner, Firstly we are talking about bus crash, not Carlton, second it looks like the proximate cause of the crash on Carlton was poor lighting, in fact most of the newer developments are well lit.
    I am not going into the pro or cons about development, I am just saying this has zero the causes of either crash

  15. @Rebetzin__.. Blame and אחריות are on both sides. Although drivers need to be more cautious and not drive like they are still in Brooklyn, pedestrians should not behave like entitled snowflakes taking up half the traffic lane. When I walk on narrow roads like Summit Park Rd. and I see/hear a car approaching, I move to the side.

  16. Several children have been seriously injured – that is what we must focus on. It’s a tragic situation – I can’t even imagine what the families must be going through. It’s a time for us to ask what we can do to help. We also must DEMAND that the school district and the town of Ramapo fully investigate how this happened and how we can prevent such a thing from happening in the future.

  17. @Lebba Weisberg “It’s a time for us to ask what we can do to help” what we can do is daven, oops I forgot certain posters here don’t believe in that.

  18. commonsaychel :

    I agree.
    Yes, let us daven that the town authorities not cave in to Monsey power brokers and see to it that the school buses comply with all safety laws, including that ALL drivers drive safely and that their buses are regularly inspected.

  19. commonsaychel, are you seriously debating that overdevelopment has nothing to do with it? Regardless whether any given mishap takes place in any particular less-developed area, that doesn’t mean that drivers don’t accelerate to beat the band in quiet areas, to make up for huge chunks of lost time imposed on them in abnormally-trafficked areas.

    To put it another way: Nothing happens in a vacuum.
    To put it yet another way: Sundry streets in a network of streets “areivim zeh lazeh”.

    Why don’t you say it like it is? For decades, developers in collaboration with politicians have been unscrupulously puppeteering entire communities as experimental guinea pigs, who are now living in an untenable situation. And they’ve been laughing all the way to the bank, totally uncaring if they’ve created gladiator scenarios.

  20. The Rebbetzen’s comment is spot-on. There is not one day in the week I won’t see (most of the time) a Chassidic School’s bus speeding or forcing in from a narrow street to a main road without caring about a crossing a vehicle in motion. It really looks like most of them are on a race. I would ask them to slow down with a sign, a honk and if I would walk, make sure to be waving my arms and asking (if not begging) the driver to slow down. I agree that we have Nissim Niflaot each minute of the day not to have more accidents. Kids are playing in the street, literally invisible to the bus drivers. They can’t see the full radius necessary to prevent from hitting a small being moving on a bike or running. It’s beyond us. When is it going to stop? Are tragedies like this not enough to change this paradigm? There is much more to say about behavior and negligence. Sticking to this horrifying story, I ask that ALL Schools in Monsey and around reflect, have their stakeholders take this seriously with firm disciplinary actions taken with their drivers when they misbehave. I left dozens of messages on their transportation’s departments’ voicemail giving the bus number, the street’s name and the time. Got one call back. Otherwise, they all ignored me… That’s beyond me. Beyond us. It’s an emergency.