SCARY MOMENTS: Two Shot Outside the Ahavas Olam Shul in Detroit


Two people were hospitalized with gunshot wounds after being struck in a drive-by shooting right outside Ahavas Olam shul in Southfield, Michigan.

The incident occurred at around 11:15 pm on Thursday night, when a couple driving east on 10 Mile Road near Greenfield Road were fired at by a suspect in a car driving alongside them.

One male victim was said to have been struck in the thigh and arm, while a female victim was hit in the leg.

Police say that the victims knew the suspects, though it isn’t clear what led up to the shooting.

Police have not yet announced any arrests having been made or a possible motive in the violent attack.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I think you should be a bit more clear that this incident involved no one in the Jewish community. The article and headline make no mention that there are no Jewish people from the community involved.

  2. שחורים
    Nuff said
    And I wouldn’t call that “right outside” Ahavas Olam.. It’s across the street, a street of 5 lanes. If you know anything about Detroit, streets are quite quiet at 11:15 PM. Is it dangerous, can someone C’V be struck by a stray bullet? Of course. But that can happen anywhere.

  3. though it isn’t clear what led up to the shooting. So wrong!! Very clear what led up to the shooting:- sleepy joe’s ineptitude to punish criminals, and simply having bail reforms.