SEE THE VIDEO: Jewish UFC Fighter Has a Message for Antisemite Kanye West


Israeli UFC fighter Natan Levy took a few moments after his win against Genaro Valdez on Saturday night to address the antisemitic comments that have been spewing from rapper Kanye West in recent weeks.

“Kanye West, if you have a problem with me or my people, come see me, bro,” Levy said, adding that he’s “proud” to be Jewish and he’s willing to “fight for it” and “fight for my people.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. vihayadim yedee eisav…oy vey..nish der veg fun a ehrliche yid

    Still proud that he is proud…nu nu this is the best he can do

    even the empty ones are packed with mitzvios azoi ve a rimon!!

  2. Can’t blame a chiloni for Kochi v’otzem yadi. it was the way he was brought up. Tinoik shenishba nebach. But we can learn to be proud of our Yiddishkeit and know that Vaanachnu BeShem Hashem Eloikeinu Nazkir!!
    With pride!!

  3. ok efshar azoi, we know you rather see the videos where Grown Jewish Men are thrown around like rag dolls and beaten o their knees by 14 year olds. Yadayim yedei Eisav doesnt mean you cant defend yourself!

  4. So this chiloni wants to beat up K. West. How very comforting to have a “big brother” take care of a bully. Kanye is a ZERO, not worth efforts to rebut or rebuke him. If it inspires anyone here to be proud we have a prize fighter in our corner, uch und vey to us.

  5. Only if our LEADERS IN FRUM COMMUNITIES acted like real man.

    AriZona, putts like you call a Jew who stops a rabid antisemit and hitler lover by his standard of frumkite?

    Jews like you deserve Mr. West and his hitler loving buddies. New face of Jews.
    Stay in AriZona or NY and walk the streets. Good luck.

  6. This guy is good.
    His pintele yid shining thru.
    Israeli chiloni singer Noa Kirel also tried having similer reaction, wore an outfit to the awards with pics of kanye all over it to show that she dont stand for hate.. but personally i think she was just giving him the attention he craves.
    This guy did it right tho.