Horrifying: Arab Tries To Harm Chareidi Boy On Way To Cheder

Illustrative. (Israel Police)

The vigilance of a passerby saved a Chareidi boy from the clutches of a 50-year-old Arab early Tuesday morning in the Givat Shaul neighborhood of Jerusalem.

A passerby called the police, saying that she heard screaming from between two cars and noticed a suspicious person leaning over a child.

It is believed that the suspect fled when he realized the passerby has seen him.

The police quickly arrived at the scene and launched a search, locating the suspect, a resident of Abu Ghosh, shortly later.

The nine-year-old boy had meanwhile fled to his Cheder, where he reported the incident to the teaching staff.

The suspect, who was arrested by the police, was taken for questioning at the Moriah Station of the Jerusalem District and was brought to the court later on Tuesday in order to extend his detention.

The Jerusalem Police District stated that “the vigilance of a female passerby and the quick and determined response of the Jerusalem District Police led to the arrest of the suspect and may have prevented serious injury to the child.”

“The investigation will continue with the aim of bringing the suspect to justice and keeping criminals and anyone who tries to harm children away from the public sphere.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


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