HABITUAL LIAR: Congressional Biographers Stumped Over What to Write About Rep. George Santos

Rep.-elect George Santos, R-N.Y. sits in the chamber during opening day of the 118th Congress at the U.S. Capitol, Tuesday, Jan 3, 2023, in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

When you lie endlessly, even official government biographers can’t piece together a firm profile of you. That’s what habitually lying Rep. George Santos is dealing with now, as an official Congress app admits that little is “verifiably true” about the congressman.

On the app, the Santos biography ends with saying that “little else is known about Santos that is verifiably true.” Before that, all it says is that Santos was born in 1988 and previously ran unsuccessfully for office in 2020.

Santos has been coming under increasing pressure to resign over his countless lies, including that he is the descendent of Holocaust survivors and many, many other fibs.

A new Siena College poll found that a majority of New Yorkers, where Santos is from, want the congressman out.

“Voters overwhelmingly view Santos unfavorably, including 55 percent of Democrats, 56 percent of Republicans and 59 percent of independents. … Downstate suburbanites lead the state, 76 percent, in their unfavorable view of Santos,  in their unfavorable view of Santos,” Sienna pollster Steven Greenberg wrote.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. if he isn’t removed then It says a lot about you America….Biden is riding on a ticket of lies…..perhaps we should just pray that liberals change their mind or their direction or placement of residence

  2. Sara Rifka: On the few occasions you are right, as you are here, it is for the wrong reasons.
    I understand that the Republicans desperately need every vote in the House but for a growing number of their members, this guy is so degrading the institution and their own values, that the stench of his sitting among them will likely take its toll and they will find some way of forcing his resignation or expulsion.

  3. I think Congress should enact a law that cuts the salaries of writers of the late-night talk shows so long as Santos Voloder George Shlomo serves in Congress. He makes their job too easy.

  4. George Santos lies and lies and lies almost as much as most DemocRATs do. Adam Shiff at the top of the liar list. Brech Obama, Pocahontas Warren, AOC, Bill & Hillary Clunton, Herman Munster Kerry, Igor Algore, etc. etc. I didn’t name Joe Biden because he is senile and I didn’t mention Camelbreath Harris because she is just plain crazy.

  5. Lol Gadolhadorah. “This guy is so degrading the institution and their own values.” What values?! Democrats have moved so far to left in past 10 years they’re ready to fall off cliff. And in most instances instead of opposing them, Republicans have offered a Democrat lite solution. Just look at how they’ve responded to illegal immigration, abortion, gay “marriage”. Very few Republicans have any values. They do what is politically expedient for them and ruin the country in the process. A serial liar like Santos will fit right into the mix with Pocahontas, pencil neck schiff and Jamie Rat-skin.