DRAMA BUILDS: DeSantis Responds to Trump Calling Him “Disloyal”

(AP Photo/Butch Dill, File)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis finally responded to former President Donald Trump’s criticism of his leadership and accusations of being “disloyal,” saying that his reelection in November says he’s popular with or without Trump.

“Ron would have not been governor if not for me,” Trump told reporters on his campaign plane. “When I hear that he might run, I consider that very disloyal.”

Asked about Trump’s comments, DeSantis chose not to respond directly to the former president’s accusation, instead boasting about his massive victory margin in his November reelection bid.

I roll out of bed, I have people attacking me from all angles. It’s been happening for many, many years,” DeSantis said. “And if you look at the good thing about it, though, is like if you take a crisis situation like COVID, you know, the good thing about it is when you’re an elected executive, you have to make all kinds of decisions. You got to steer that ship. And the good thing is, is that the people are able to render a judgment on that, whether they reelect you or not. And I’m happy to say, you know, in my case, not only did we win reelection, we won with the highest percentage of the vote that any Republican governor candidate has in the history of the state of Florida.

“We won by the largest raw vote margin over 1.5 million votes than any governor candidate has ever had in Florida history. And in fact, we almost doubled the previous record, which I think was like 780,000 vote margin. And so what I would just say is that verdict has been rendered by the people of the state of Florida.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I must be the only one who doesn’t like or appreciate De Santis…nor this play on poor me….you Mr. Santis have had not enough life to be a leader …..look at the Gentile Zelensky who took his ancestors roots and made an evil war….you , are not much different.

  2. Desantis handled Trump beautifully by not mentioning Trump.
    Trump likes to be in the spotlight, so he says outlandish and disruptive things. Desantis did not react emotionally and kept it about himself, leaving the other guy irrelevant.

  3. I don’t like the people who are constant Trump-bashers because Trump is a good guy and he doesn’t deserve all this constant negative stigma and has been a good president and great friend of the Jews but I will admit that in terms of quality of leadership DeSantis has an edge over Trump. I personally would rather Trump be given four more years to finish whatever he needs to finish, and then after him DeSantis 8; but if Ron wins and Trump is cast aside it wouldn’t be such a bad thing either.

  4. Sara Rifka,
    Zelensky is a Jew, so calling him the Gentile Zelensky is a judgement. Hashem will judge you the way you judge others. Blaming him for the war is cruel. You seem confused about the villain and the hero in this war.