Former IDF Fighter Pilot Calls For Netanyahu’s Murder

Ze'ev Raz. (Wikimedia Commons)

As incitement against the right-wing government of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu continues to break records, one of the leaders of the protests against the government called for Netanyahu’s murder based on “din rodeif.”

Referring to the statements of Attorney David Hodek, who called last week for the use of live fire against the government, Col (res.) Ze’ev Raz, a former fight pilot who led the attack on the nuclear reactor in Iraq, wrote on social media: “I’m surprised by the moderation of Hodak’s statements. Just defending yourself with a weapon? Passive?”

“If a prime minister stands up and assumes dictatorial powers, that prime minister is a ‘ben meves’ – simply like that, along with his ministers and his followers. We also need to have a ‘din rofeif.’ My ‘din rodeif’ says: If a person, foreign or Israeli, takes over my country and leads it in an undemocratic manner, it is mandatory to kill him.”

“It’s impolite, offensive, but the choice is a lot of innocent deaths, and it’s better to kill the criminals first. I’m preparing a detailed opinion on the subject.”

In response, the Likud party issued a statement: “The incitement against Prime Minister Netanyahu breaks records of insanity. We are shocked by Ze’ev Raz’s call to assassinate Prime Minister Netanyahu and the ministers of the government. The Shin Bet and the police must act immediately to arrest him and the other instigators against Prime Minister Netanyahu.”

Finance Minister Betzalel Smotrich responded: “You’ve gone off the deep end. It started when opposition leader Lapid irresponsibly encouraged pulling investments from Israel to Singapore in an attempt to harm the Israeli economy, continued when a lawyer called for the use of live fire, and now Ze’ev Raz who openly calls for the assassination of the prime minister and the ministers. Members of the opposition, show responsibility and stop now!”

Raz later apologized for his statements, writing on Facebook: “The post I posted here with the words din rodef was a quote from a person who retracted it, and I deleted it. I do not identify with that post.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Take him, and the other left-wing crazies, along with the religious party crazies who advocated harm to Lapid, Bennett and Kahana and throw them all in a cell and throw away the key. This hyperbole from the left and right should have no place in civil political discourse and sadly is being normalized both in EY and even the U.S.

  2. The left is just EXLPODING Or IMPLODING from one election loss.


    We remember the atrocities they did over the years from offering the entire West Bank to Removal of Jews in Gaza and Sinai to Oslo which gave Rachel and Yosef and most recently the JackAss Lapid (Jesus Freek) who gave Hizboolah and Iran gas rights without having the right and calling of for BDS of Israel and Civil War…
    Who is allowing these to happen ?
    Who is funding the real Rodef?

    Demote and remove the benefits of this guy and his buddy the “Judge” to the rank of Garbage Collection.

    They are inciting for unrest.

    What if a Jew (not a leftist elite) said that? the shin bet and Mosad and police castrate the Jews.

  3. If all the left wing and Bibi haters don’t like the current government they can always move out of the country.
    They can all move to America where the current government is a total mess.

  4. The malignant leftist philosophy is apparently quite alive and kicking in Israel. This is Satan’s last stand. His Hail, Mary. His Battle of the Bulge. May we see our people and world rid of evil very, very soon with the coming of our righteous Moshiach who will surely smack the Sitra Achra right out of these sickos’ f-ing heads.

  5. No. He’s all mixed up. We were taught, during Covid, that anyone who doesn’t wear a flimsy disposable mask has the din of a rodef.

  6. ‘Raz later apologized for his statements, writing on Facebook: “The post I posted here with the words din rodef was a quote from a person who retracted it, and I deleted it. I do not identify with that post.”’

    Do you hear an apology in that comment? I sure don’t. The man should be arrested and charged with incitement as well as treason, regardless of his “apology”.

  7. The state never was free or democratic. The ostensible heads of state always have been actors. The state fakes terrorism incidents so that fools count on it for protection. It tortures innocent people (Jews) in closed facilities. It is full of mosrim and rodfim who work for the state. No matter whether you empower the courts or the government, it’s in the ways of goyim and a disgrace to the Torah. Every city in Yisroel is an ir nidachas. The state literally just tried to kill all of its subjects in genetics experiments. That issue should concern you most. Sara Rifka sounds like a spook.

  8. “This man should be behind bars for the rest of his livable life for this remark..”
    SarahRifkah” So you would lock him up in the same cell with Mazuz from Bnai Brak and other right wing crazeis who repeatedly called the leadership of the prior government “worse than Nazis” and advocated for their early demise. This disgusting tendency to verbally disparage and advocate violence and even death against the political opposition is becoming the norm